High level judges appeal against their criticism


– The Court of High-People has signed the appeal review of the appeal law and his / her case; The first example of Innova's vehicle back to the main road caused 4 deaths.

When Innova sank, three-year-olds died
Innova goes back to the mainway: there is an extra week at her; highest court

One of the main leaders of the Court of Public confirmed this afternoon: With the probationary position, the High Court agreement of the People made two sentences for a review.

Innova goes back to the mainway: a high court has a & # 39; meaningful application
The scene of the disaster

Previously, on November 2, Court Nguyen People Court gave birth to the defendants Ngo Van Son (SN 1978, Bac Ninh) and Le Ngoc Hoang (SN 1985, in Thai Binh) in the crash killed 4 people. South Westerly

According to its first place, on 11/11/2016, Innova driver 10 passengers at the Ha Noi – Thai Nguyen railway. Finding people in Song Cong, but by getting a "#; Also go to Mac again to their car.

At the same time, the Hoang defender moved his ship to a ship; carrying more than 26 tonnes of steel, which fell into the murderer of a murderer of 4, two vehicles were severely damaged. Determining a portion of alcohol, which defines a person; Drinking a drink before driving him, Huang's guardian.

At the hearing of a petition, the Minister of Public Security Ministry said, the control control device on his / her; car crash. At 15 hours 38 minutes 59 seconds, the recorded speed remembers the control of the vessel travel 62 km / h. Secondly, the speed of the visit is 0 speed.

Appeal Panel Court that Hoang did not pay attention to, reduced the pace of safety and thus after the delay of two cars with 30m of Renault cars again and again; breaking brakes.

This is broken to & # 39; Shared Letter 91 on the safe distance between two vehicles; Uncommon mistake, too confident. The court sent Ngo Van Mac to 9 years imprisonment, Le Ngoc Hoang 6 years in prison.

High Court High Court spoke to Innova's car to " going back on the road "width =" 145 "height =" 101

High Court High Court spoke about the Innova car going back to the main road

After entering the original file from the driver connected to Innova back on the railway, the High Court will work with legal agencies and experts.

Reverse Carriage Speed: High Court Consultation Meeting "width =" 145 "height =" 101

High speed car car: Human Court Advocacy

Chief Justice of the SPC, head of a consultative meeting with experts and representatives from the procedures in the & A car crash out Innova back on the road.

The Innova case was back on the road: What did the lawyer say? "

The case of the Innova stab stabbed back: What did the lawyer say?

There was a driver of a car-drive car that was a runs back on the 6-year imprisonment at the Thai Nguyen People Court court. This is controversial.


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