High street chains gave wrong information about fatal allergies Society


Five of the supermarkets and coffee shops brought out more misleading or misleading information about allergies that could be fatal for customers.

Spoken journalists who work for their BBC & # 39; Visit a number of sites, where they provided customers with galleries. They said they did not have a bad advice at Pizza Hut, Nando's and Frankie and Benny, as well as the coffee shops, Starbucks and Costa.

The investigation came after the recent comments from a crown that he did not write to the government about the death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, who suffered anaphylactic response after eating a sandwich from Pret a Manger that there was no allergic advice be converted.

The latest publications, which were broadcast in the edition of the BBC's Watchdog Live program, were published. Encouraging criticism from Rasel Shahid, whose sister Shahida lost her in 2015 after he had given a burger to kit that was killed in a buttermilk, despite telling staff that milk was her lock.

"Shahida's death was not stopped completely … If Shahida had been correctly labeled correctly and correctly, Shahida would still be here today, and so efficiently & # 39; it would just have done proper labeling, "he added to the program.

The statements that supported five branches of six foodstuffs visited and found that only Pizza Express was a " provides clear, accurate acrylic information on each event.

Frankie & Benny & s

At one branch, a journalist told it was wrong that there was no vessel. At another, a reporter was asked to agree to terms and conditions saying that the restaurant could not be able to; make sure that nothing was used free from allergies, which prevented gluten. A member of the staff told the BBC reporter to "save back" form.

His company said he was "extremely worried" from his report. The BBC. "We fully understand the need for detailed food information and to discharge our responsibilities to bullying badges."

Costa Coffee

At one branch, the BBC reporter was not illegally informed by mince pie – although a member of the staff was in a position; consult with an adler book and shop.

The company said: "At this time, a member of the team did not follow a proper procedure and provided the wrong information. This is clearly unsuitable and we have managed and bring good practice into all the sources. "

Hut Pizza

The journal book was uncertain for the reporter and a member of staff because they tried to find out if there was a mongard two or two. Each was recorded as the online ingredient.

Pizza Put restaurant spokesperson said: "In this particular example, the information in the book provided was correct. But we have returned the feedback and we will send QR codes to the cards Our choice this week, which links to all our nutritional information. "


A reporter was allegedly mistaken that a mongard was rushed before the information was corrected.

The company said that their managers are usually personalized to customers with galleries. "We are sorry that this process has not been properly done. As a priority issue, we have been reminding all our staff about the processes that are based and how important they are. "


Initially, a member of the staff said that cake was with a lemon, which had alms in the tools, without nuts – before advising them that there was still a risk of nuts.

Starbucks said safety is his highest priority. "In this situation, we fell short of this commitment and we did not meet our own high standards. We have addressed this issue with our team at # 39 ; a shop in a question and we have been in contact with all of our sources in the United Kingdom to consolidate our standards and expectations. "

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