Hilda – Finding dog dogs dog dogs


"It was very difficult," said Karin Björck, with Hilda, who did not know that the dog was named.

– You sometimes work quietly and do what is to be done and then this will come true.

In the jury's motivation, a person can read that he has found the Hilda labrador "with his amazing nose" twelve tons. Two were away for 54 hours.

Hilda is just recommended as it was very useful for dogs and dog owners. Something that the jury thought was important to take care of.

"As a dog owner, I would be very angry at the day my dog ​​left. If a dog can find your dog, it is very valuable," said a leader – Swedish Spaniard Hans Rosenberg.

Karin Björck has been involved looking for a long time. Hilda is a fourth labrador and started training when she was still a puppy.

"I already started with her when she was only eight weeks old. So she has got a lot of things.

According to Karin Björck, she has not indicated that her dog is good at finding other dogs, but the rumor has spread and is often talk when dogs are away.

"When it's upset, we've tried to help and we have identified some of the situations," she said.

– And a dog is very calm and friendly; in it. If she feels she is & # 39; Meet the wrong dogs, turn it back. I think that an unhealthy, unhealthy dog ​​is very informative and wanting to know, Karin Björck says.

The prize, base and a whitestone to Hilda and a 20,000 SEK gift for any group, which was distributed at Stockholm's Stockholm Festival 8-9 December.

Karin Björck gives the money to the Hundstallet nonprofit group, who will take care of the dog's abandoned dogs.

At the show, this year's Polish team, this year's drug research dog and the award service year service dog.

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