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To recycle a million soap, Hilton promises to be October 15 the big day for hand-making. Soaps gathered from the rooms are 'crushed, disinfected and pushed to new soaps,' said the company.

But Hilton Soaps don't offer their own guests, but in collaboration with Clean the World they'll put them in crisis, especially to the countries of the world. This initiative helps to spread diseases and serves as an example of how to reduce our waste resources.

According to the Hilton Duncan manager at Hilton Duncan, they have been involved in the recycling of soap as one of the first hotel chains. It also helps to recycle shampoo and other mass packaging. Tons of soap and plastic used in landfill.

Clean the World Founder, Shawn Seipler, also works with the Marriot Hotel and is assisted by the UPS and Guest Supply, a hotel decorator supplier for logistics.

Recycling has recently been fashionable. For example, last year Coca-Cola promised to build and recycle up to 2030 of the bottles and cans by 2030. Companies such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Nestlé are all working on the Loop project, a package packing project. T re-used. CNN added.

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