Hirscher after Schladming's influence: "I got a feeling back"


If Marcel Hirscher asked the fans "Drink me for me" and Ferdl Hirscher and the Mike Pircher coach will take a sip from the champagne bottle at her. border, and the help is good.

After Hirscher has been tested in the final race of most of the second tour, he will He plays two dreams in the Snow Race in Schladming and has a great impact on the third impact on the night slalom on his / her; Plague.

"I'm feeling back," says Hirscher, "and that's more valuable than any point: safety, sustainability, confidence to take risks: that's a video when you're feeling good again, "said Annaberg.

In an interview, Hirscher explains how he got this feeling again, why it's hard for a team and how he was doing it; See the fans during his time:

Question: Why was the first race today better than the last races?

Hirscher: In the last three slaves, his first visit was not feel as good as I would like. I was disappointed with the feeling. It was OK, but the feeling I used was not. I was looking for a perfect feeling. We've been trying to change things and have a & # 39; Determining things for the last two or three weeks. I have to thank my team, he has worked a lot, more than ever. In Schladming I already had a feeling; I have the first three goals, as I already knew. Feeling that causes me to & # 39; feel free and able to attack. The first race was definitely the main impact of influence.

Question: You used your fist How big was the joy of her & her; first run?

Hirscher: I'm not interested in concerts, but in getting to & # 39; most of it. In the last race I was happy about the situation, but not about its performance. This time he worked. In fact, I would be scared in the second round to worry, but it would be different in the last two races. As I know that there is a feeling again and that I can accelerate again. It's great to repeat that feeling and safety.

Question: It's just right after the race. Why?

Hirscher: My father has been in & # 39; pushing and encouraging the team recently, so they are pushing for gas. It was very difficult to put a high level of access in training, where we can prove the case so well; as possible. The team has been aging after all the snow – you're crazy. I am already sorry for me. From all of us the emphasis was obvious. It was an amazing work done by the team.

Question: Did you look for revenge against Clement Noel after the last two races?

Hirscher: No, I always drive against time in the first place. I always try to achieve the fastest time and I will be faster than others. Noel has been very impressive in the last two races, it's good to see.

Question: How did you see this atmosphere in Schladming?

Hirscher: It's great … I thought it was a further 5,000 people; than in Kitzbühel. And at night it is even more specific. The most difficult part was the casino road, where there was a red and smoke light and everything in it. It was very difficult to focus and do not forget it. But heIt's already big and so you can only thank you that we can do these horses in Austria and that there's a place like skiing.

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