His 19-year-old baby was crying, he did not know how to put it down and threw him twice on the floor: he killed him


The murderer is 21 years old; They arrived at the hospital saying they had "fallen", but their ending acknowledged what they were doing; do

He created an amazing relic, for his young age 21 years; Her baby cried, she did not know how to put it down and threw it twice on the floor, with whom, He killed him.

The crime was a great deal in the town of Santa Fe Villa Gobernador Gálvez, near Rosario.

The child's mother went into hospital with her armies, saying "we have fallen, it's really bad", for the doctors on duty.

The follow-up baby came after the same version, but when the police were questioned, the 21-year-old boy broke down and said he threw him twice on the floor to stop to cry. He was arrested for killing crime.

Noelia Z., Aged 20, shouting at Gamen Hospital. Doctors received a 19-year-old baby in cardiovascular arrest and poor bad clan chiefs. The child died as soon as he went into careful care.

"The work team has done a revival work, but we can not bring it back, a trauma was brought to the skull with cutting stones at the front and back side of the side , due to the type of lack, there is a suspicion of abuse, "explained Marcelo Minicucci, director of the health center.

First of all, Brian F., the child said that the child was in charge of him and that he fell when he tried to settle for him, but his reconstruction was full of effects and ended up his & her; murdered.

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