His brother killed after he was imprisoned for trying to kill him


After being imprisoned to kill his wife, when he got out of her & # 39; jail, what he did to get into the street and kill him. The woman met in Misiones.

The 34-year-old woman called Cecilia Krojosk. today he was murdered after being gutted in a street in the town of Aristóbulo del Valle's missionary with an old man. Here, yes was murdered, He had got his rescue back 21 days ago. He was imprisoned for three years to try to murder according to the police.

They killed in the last hours in Mariano Moreno Street, a few meters from the community center and the Municipality of Aristóbulo del Valle, a town that is approximately 140 kilometers from Posadas.

Police supplies said they did not. members of the police station received a call to find a phone on public roads. The agents when they arrived at the Cecilia Krojoski site were located on the platform. He was dead already and he had a strip.

According to witnesses, his wife was attacked by her; her companion, a man called Miguel F., 34, who was murdered he fled and fled.

Later on, after intense operation led by police station 1st Army Command and Divisional Unit XI, cooperated with the Audit department, the defendant was arrested near National Route 14.

However, the sources of the search, according to the consultation with the local Family Court, reported that there was currently no registration of items for "ban on refinishing" between men and women.

The custodian is in custody and in a few days evidence will be given about the court of the day.

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