His couple showed badly that the mystery was through pictures; Young friendship


Monday, February 11, 20110 00:10 AM (GMT + 7)

At the time of social media, everything was unofficial until posted on Facebook.

The couple showed the mystery through the attachment of the ring ring - 1

Most people who send their wedding photos on Facebook to inform family, friends and relatives. And this is Miranda Levy, also known as Kelly.

After a compliment from her lover, this girl was very happy and took the picture quickly and posted it to Facebook:

"Maybe the best day is today because my sweetheart is just recommended. I can not find any words for my behavior right now. I'm feeling so Fortunately, though he can not buy a real ring ring, but that is a deeply important thing in that ring. "

Perhaps due to the joy, Levy did not take care of her boy's test box in her; behind and took a selfie picture.

So after having posted the picture, she got a series of questions from family and friends.

Derick Moore: "Hahaha, I should cut the picture"

Thomas Leary: "What's that? So are you pregnant with a child?"

Mark Allen Levy: "Mac, call my parents quickly. My mother is very tough!"

His taxation was still damaged by responding to everyone and her; he questioned unsurely:

"Eh … What do you say? Why do people think like that?" "Oh …"

Then she realized it quickly and she had to admit everyone. She continued to comment:

"Hello everyone, we also get a baby."

This illustration is a good example of "double-clicked arrow". Give your wishes to Ms. Kelly!

The girl made the web game because the photograph was stolen through the marriage

Splendor influencing two wives and the "storms" of young girls.

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