His father-in-law Li Jiaxin, Xu Shixun at the age of 97, dropped ten thousand billion of resources – Free information


Xu Shixun and his son Xu Jinheng, his daughter-in-law Li Jiaxin

Report on 7 December According to the Hong Kong media statements, Xu Shixun, the son of the Hong Kong ship, Xu Aizhou, and the chairman of the China Earth Company, had died of illness at the age of 97. The son of Xu Jinxun, Xu Jinheng, sister of Hong Kong, sister of Li Jiaxin in the early years. After Li Jiaxin entered the door, the son of Xu Jia, Xu Jianxi was born. The Xu Shixun family has a huge business in Hong Kong, most of which have a large number of people. development of investment and investment. In 2009, it has become one of the Forbes list of Hong Kong's most wealthy people. Xu's investment is said to be very good and that his family was very wealthy. At least 10 billion owned its value. Yuan. And Xu Shixun is famous for having a love of horses. It is the largest horse in Hong Kong and has made a record of over 100 times.

A few days ago, a photograph was taken from Xu Jinheng and Xu Jianzhong at the Hong Kong funeral room. The two looked sophisticated and did not say a word, they left in the driver's car. Xu Shixun is said to have established a spirit at a funeral hall in Hong Kong on the 9th of this month.

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