His favorite Saša Arsenovič is the second round of maritime elections in Maribor



Nenad Glücks
18. Nov. 2018 22:28

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| Updated: 14:12 / 11/20/2018

His favorite Saša Arsenovič is the second round of maritime elections in Maribor

It is expected that a second visit of local elections will be held at the Maribor Municipal. A seaside situation is very close to entrepreneur Saša Arsenovič and the second highest French Kangler, who has already run the second largest Spanish city.

Similarly, in Ljubljana, there was also a trip to Maribor, given that local elections should not be equal to parliamentary elections, largely for their battle between the left political poles and the right. Kangler, President of the Kangler Frank List – New People's Party, also supported by his "old" SLS and SDS, was launched by the government's SMC.

In addition, he was supported by a part of the Maribor social scene. There was a bad result with the member of a member; formerly, Andrej Fištravec. The last one was hitting Kangler in the second round four years ago, and he received 75 percent and Kangler was 25 per cent. Fištravec was a clown master really, but the local media, including Evening, would definitely add to his poor work.

The media helped to confirm a large part of left electors that the person is not true for his & her; Over Kangler's successor now, but the host of Arsenovich. So even during the campaign, Fištravec said that Arsenovich was only a SMC candidate, but also Večer. Some of the masters who have previously had an earlier age have moved to another candidate on the left-hand side.

Photograph: Bobo – Саша Арсенович

Kangler, who has little choice in the second round, is still a strong political figure. Despite an emerging piracy of her & her; police for it, the abuse of those organizations for political brides. Having joined his party closely with the "old" SLS, which is again led by Marjan Podobnik, this unified party will ensure that the right way to return to the National Assembly and Essential to strengthen their correct political pole.

On the other hand, Arsenovič, a highly motivated entrepreneur, is the model of seaman, Zoran Jankovic. This may mean when, when it comes to, It could also be influenced in the second tour, also in Maribor, for each item to the # town, ten percent "regional signal".

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