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Statsbygg, Kunst i publikum (KORO) and Picasso heirs agree: Picasso's "Fishermen" and "The Seagull" decorations will be moved to a block of the new government Oslo season.

Both jobs have now been placed in the Y Y government block which was decided in 2014 to be demolished.

The general manager Harald Holter from the copyright firm BONO, who speaks on behalf of the heirs, says that the family wanted the first of the soft drinks to stay where they are today.

– But when deciding that the Y block should be demolished, they have looked at the proposals that were displayed and reinforced.

"Cultural upheaval"

The decision on where the works will be moved, amongst other things, is based on KORO art assessments.

They still believe that moving out of the jobs from the first context involves cultural loss of two main works in the integrated decorative tradition.

At the same time, KORO are clear that they wish to make a helpful contribution to the assessment of the various options. T They have been finalized on three criteria: t

  • Sustaining context (expected to be see below)
  • Sensitivity materials
  • Interaction with all around / in town

The “fishermen” are now incorporated into the mass of the building as part of the Y. block end wall. Now it can replace the new VIP route on the block A.

In its assessment, KORO writes that the site protects "The power of representation of fishermen despite not being located at one of the main doors".

Satisfied with their eyesight

Legal adviser Kristine Farstadvoll in BONO hopes that the 'fishermen' will still have a high place in the turfing of 106 tons.

– It will be well visible. It is a point that the work is rising above the ground and how it is going to continue is continued.

She says that it is also important that the work is easy to access for anyone who wants it.

– Do you think Picasso would go around in the grave of Y-bloc?

– I believe it wasn't, but that he would have been satisfied with the new jobs that his artwork is getting.

– Y-block blocks

Secretary of State Lars Jacob Hiim in Local Government Ministry and Regeneration confirms that there is no doubt about the demolition of the Y block. He is happy with the family's agreement to move the art to Picasso.

– They have made a good suggestion that both care for the arts and will be available. It looks promising.

– Can you prove that the artworks are not destroyed when they are moved and made out?

– Our ambition is clear. This is a valuable art that is important to look at, Hiim said.

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