His home president spoke about his wife's death


Almost two days after the case of a girl named D., aged 16, Mongolian ethnic group (living in Ta Xua commune, Bac Yen district, Son La province) hanging himself in the home of Mr Le Ngoc Lam – Bac Yen (Bac Yen district, Son La province), many expressed that death was relate to the relationship between the daughter and Lam family.

Regarding the event, on November 22, reporters were interviewed, Le Ngoc Lam – Chairman of the Bac Yen Town People Committee – confirmed that the event at his home took place.

He said, at 6am.m. 20/11, grandmother's sister D. went to the floor to say that his grandson D. is. hanging dead in the room that people should talk.

"When I learned that I was really amazing, I can not think of what happened at my house," said Lam.

Speaking about the family and the grandchildren that he received D. to work at his house, Mr Lam said, often D. dad's father. visiting his family's restaurant and giving his support, Three wives, grandchildren D. of the great family, father D., want to learn at home level 8 and wants to get help from restaurant, what rent paid by its shop owner.

The event caused people to be spectacular (Picture: V.T).

The event caused people to be spectacular (Picture: V.T).

"After hearing his granddaughter D. like that, I agree to then bring the girl into work. His job is to help the family burn a wood, and # 39; cleaning the pots, "said Lam.

According to Lam, before he met, he found D. not to describe unusual psychology, and his beloved he did not know.

On the evening of 19/11, D. parents went to Mr Lin's house and called D. but he did not go out with friends. At 17h on the same day D. Drew the cake back to the child, he does not know D. and his parents have no conflicts.

"That day, after the family finished the dinner, my wife said and asked me to rest on the first, and the next morning a sister of D. came out to find out she was hanging in the room, "said Lam. more information.

According to Lam, the event caused him and his family was very urgent, his family opened the restaurant since 2007 to date, all family staff are treated well . If no one does or does not; asking for leave, the family also pay fair problems but not to be a cause.

Previously, like Righteousness He said, on November 20, that a young girl was found dead and hung in a house situation in the town of Bac Yen, the Bac Yen district, Son La province. Speaking to the reporter, leaders of the District People's Committee, Bac Yen, initially, identified the authorities, using suicide suicide.

The reasons for the misconduct of young girls are still clarifying them.

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