His interest was in LMŠ, SLS for giving the voice that gave a prize


For the election campaign, the SDS delivered over 440,000 euro. After wear, SMC and DeSUS continue. LMŠ spent less than 105,000 euro, which, according to the votes received, means he used less than the euro for the voter's vote.

The Court of Auditors carried out the survey among 11 parties that exceeded a percentage of the votes in the parliamentary elections and are therefore eligible for joint budget funding.

As we said, the Court of Audit examined party funding for the election campaign prior to last year's parliamentary elections, and five – SDS, LMŠ, NSi, DeSUS and NHS – expressed their view by scheduling. money, as was previously the case, particularly large buyers, who have, however, remained within the legal limits for spending; Sta the president of the Audit Court said Tomaž Vesel.

The legal level of expenditure is 685,750 euros, while the SDS, which originally devastated it, awarded 441,052 euro for the campaign. This is the amount of money that individual users will be used according to the audited Court data.

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The announcement, SDS, gave most of the funding to impact on voters, SMC and DeSUS, and more than 300,000 pre-election budgets have been held in SD and SLS. T . Finally, the SLS was the client who won the most money for his money. For her voice, "she paid" nearly 14 euro, but she was still not included in the National Assembly. For comparison: LMŠ did not even use the euro for a voice.

We do not accept that purchasers bought votes, but we shared the data on the funds spent by the number of votes received to determine the level to which users have paid or how much they have paid. they used the vote.

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