His measles will be scattered all over the world


Its measles, a disease that can be avoided but potentially fatal, is re-emerging in countries such as Venezuela, Ukraine and Madagascar, but also in a submerge t New York, due to the return of vaccine in rich countries and the lack of access to the poor.

a & # 39; Measles is a real virus, t than for Ebola or flu, and for no healing methods.

Measles and disturbance

It affects children in particular, but not just. The virus spreads when patients cough or flow and hold for two hours.

Measles are triggered by measles high fever before plaque blast. It is infectious for four days before and after the rash.

This disease can often cause serious problems, respiratory diseases (lung diseases) and neurological (encephalitis), particularly among weak people.

World health authorities indicate the importance of the vaccine, individually and collectively: high coverage (95% of the population) protects people who cannot be immunized to technology due to the weak immune system (leukemia, against anti-reactions …)

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Unicef ​​faced measles revival.

WHO recorded an increase of 50% of the issues reported last year about 2017, leaving 136,000 dead in the world.

Until 2016, outbreak of measles was down.

According to Unicef, 98 countries said there had been an increase in the number of events in 2018. Ten, including Ukraine, Brazil and France, are responsible for three-quarters of the total increase.

In Ukraine, where the highest increase occurred, there were 35,000 cases in 2018, that is, 30,000 more than the previous year. Between January and February, there are already 24,000 cases.

In rich countries, this rise has been mainly offset by a rise in a lack of trust against vaccines in general and in particular MMR, which includes measles, epidemic disease. and rubella.

The vaccines are supported by the 1998 publication which linked this vaccine to autism. However, it was established that the author, the British British Wakefield, had conceived the results and several posteriori studies showed that the vaccine did not increase the risk of autism.

Religious reasons may also lack confidence.

With an influence from the patients, a county in the north of New York decided on Tuesday of a state of emergency and banning to be expressed in public places. A large number of people have great wisdom in Jewish communities at the most affected community.

"It is very difficult to see that measles has the capacity to stop but we don't use it enough for the 2008 Nobel Prize winner, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi." T AIDS virus, he told AFP.

Measles in Europe

In the case, a vaccine against AIDS would represent the grain that the scientific community has been following for decades.

According to the WHO, children who need these vaccines do not have access to these vaccines, due to poor health systems in poor countries.

It is Madagascar's case where there were 77,000 people under Unicef's control, who got an episode between September and February. More than 900 died, usually children.

UNICEF and WHO supported a vaccination campaign for 11.5 million children in February in Yemen, where a number of years of epidemic disease caused a number of years.

In Venezuela, where an economic crisis was caused by drug shortages, thousands of cases were revealed in recent months.

“When an outbreak of measles is in one country, it is likely that others will be affected by the influx of people,” explained Daniel Lévy-Bruhl, head of vaccine at the French health group. , Santé Publique France, with AFP.

At the end of February, a French family in Costa Rica who had been infected with the outbreak of measles was there.

Authorities were afraid that this would prevent disease in a country that had recently registered in 2006 and run a free vaccination campaign.

According to Dr. Lévy-Bruhl, the pandemic began to affect the Jewish ex-officio community outside New York in Israel before being sent to the United States.

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