His new nickname Prince Harry is fashionable


The Duchess of Sussex's friends are not only at Kensington Palace. His staff gave him a not too heavy nickname. This Prince Harry Prince was greatly upset by this announcement by a previous colleague to the queen.

The Duke of Sussex is working to say the happy meal to say since she said. For Prince Harry, nothing more beautiful than seeing his mother's children in the future is happy.

To be Dickie Arbiter, the Queen's helper, is on display The Today Show , when Harry discovered that his wife's staff had given him an unknown nickname.Benefit, mentioning what it means to be money) his blood would be one time! He then explains: " Indeed, it is very strong that this information is out of the palace. He is sure he is angry and upset ".

It must be noted that Prince Harry watches too much on his Duchess. He still showed him at the start of their relationship by publishing a narrative in which he laid down the feeling of suffering as a victim and continued to suffer today, although she is going to suffer today t the first result of the love. Even when they were on a trip to Morocco in February last year, he refused a camera man who had been too close to his lover.

By that time, The Duke of Sussex is still taking part in Meghan Markle. The evidence, just before their royal wedding in May last year, was a high level of tension whereby Prince Harry had raised the tone saying: t"What Meghan wants, she will get it!".

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