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▲ ▼ 20180831 McDonald Series up. (Photograph / reporter Zhuang Jodi)

▲ Fast food stores use straight line line. (Photograph / reporter Zhuang Jodi)

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There are shops in Taiwan, who buy or eat, etc., often go to; see the long queue of a long distance, but it's a kind of learning in the queue, not only that it's Considering the spatial division, in fact, behind the small ideas of hidden businessmen.

according toDailyView Network ThermometerAccording to the analysis, the calm creation is divided into three types: a straight line, a flat row and a curved series. Each method of appeal selects a variety of strategies, with many commercial considerations.

Straight line

McDonalds, KFC and other foods have a fast food that uses linear sequences. Because the jobs want high efficiency, the ordering process needs to be quick, stable and correct. Baby for a while and sell more food.

2. Flat row

Starbucks is the most famous example, which means they are able to increase communication with others and to promote social interaction. At the same time, they can also use the Starbucks open platform and understand the & # 39; process to make coffee and food. , be sure of food. The most important thing is that Starbucks are most likely to have a position; cabinet rate at the side of the check counter. When the waiting time is waiting for the line, the customers will be able to; look at the food and see it, and it will be taken by its & # 39; beautiful roof.

▲ Tiger Week 7/4 to buy a person who gets free fees. (Photograph / reporter Huang Shiyuan)

▲ Most coffee shops want to use flat lines. (Photograph / reporter Huang Shiyuan)

3. curved series

In the theater park, it is the most common format; , to use a large number of people, the team S type will allow people to "express" quickly to turn on ", and # 39; including doors even in a limited room Hundreds have enough time to encourage them and make their worries easier.

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