His wife asks for a divorce when the person has 47 children from sperm delivery.


Know the person who sperm before he married, but the woman he couldn't expect, he had up to 47 children using this form.

Share on the recent Reddit forum, the woman said she had married her husband eight years ago and had three-year-olds. From the day he started going back, he admitted that he had given sperm. The woman does not ask for particular numbers as she believes her husband has only a few children "But, more recently, he told her, the last time he went to the breeding center. T He learned that he was 47, and she learned that he had 47 children, and she was terrified, wanting a divorce.

This woman is worried when her husband's children are 18 years of age they will tell their biological father. The rules in which they live are entitled to that right.

"It's obviously the problem at that time, I told him not to look at, without asking for anything. I couldn't blame him." But I couldn't stop thinking about the consequences of my age, but I could not have stopped at all because I had never separated. rejoice, "she said.

Once the article was published, many people advised that children should not have a child in these decisions. It was thought that this woman was ill-behaved. Another question, if it's important to remember that the person has lots of children, why can't you obviously get out of marriage.

Nhat Minh (follow up Metro)

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