HIV and AIDS. Last year, the majority of people were in the team for seven years


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According to the ND, the reduction is largely related to the change in international and national recommendations, depending on what animals affected are to be found as soon as possible after HIV.

The disease of the patient's population declined significantly and the prevalence of HIV infections in the population; reduced, the report said.

B & B; in the new infections last year, usually 186. The new HIV disease was 22. The level of disease was between 20 and 69 years. He has an age of 37 and 38 years.

For most, the people have HIV infection last year with genuine relationships. For two new teenagers, there was a living species with a man turned by pine. The number of diseases with homosexual homosexual species has decreased in recent years. In 2016 he took 213 in about 2017 then and 182, and last year it was about 138 m. Last year's HIV viruses in the heterosexual sex alliance were about a quarter of new diseases last year.

There are several new issues of HIV and AIDS in esk
2011 153 29
2012 212 36
2013 235 33
2014 232 32
2015 266 38
2016 286 44
2017 254 53
2018 208 35
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It's just a herring drug breach just out of her & # 39; cent of total pitches of new cases. Health workers' record is also one of the long-term HIV-related patients. they were in hospital. Foreigner; which had been preserved overseas.

HIV is struggling with the problem. They are scared to let them die

The emigrants made a lot of stuff. From HIV evidence recorded last year, more than two children were born to overseas people. Most of them were from Ukraine, Slovakia and Russia. These babies said from the rebels that they would stay in Prague.

Many new cases of HIV disease patients have gradually increased since 1985, when the virus has been seen. The most famous are the year 2016, when their number reached 286. In the last two years, however, the new pandemonium was sunk.

AIDS suffered from 14 deaths last year, and nine others died with another HIV disease. Since 1985, 3,368 total people have been absorbed by these viruses, which include 434 deaths.

How is she HIV? Michal explained how he would put the glass at the party and how he would do a 100-kilometer dentist:

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