HIV Newsletter: Mikhy Brochez in the US asked for crime


SINGAPORE: The American person who is suspected of losing the personal information of 14,200 people from the HIV Singapore registration has been detected to a small sheriff in Kentucky, USA, where he was asked to have a " trying to commit crime to his mother's house.

Mikhy K Farrera-Brochez, 34, was arrested at his mother's house in the County of Presbyterian, Winchester, Kentucky in December last year, according to court and documents arrested by Channel NewsAsia.

The Singapore Health Ministry announced Monday (28 January) that Brochez had personalized information of 14,200 people suffering from HIV on a lion.

The lecturer was imprisoned in 2016 to lie behind his HIV position to get a passport in Singapore.

Brochez, who was also convicted of fraud and drug-related offenses, was convicted to 28 months behind bars.

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In April last year, it was withdrawn from Singapore, but now wants again to connect to the data.

"We are seeking help from our foreigners in our inquiries. It is not appropriate to comment on the additional issue because surveys are going on," said the Singapore Police Force in a statement, without identifying any country.

Ms Camille Dawson, spokesman for US Embassy in Singapore, said the ambassador could not consider ongoing inquiries.


Brochez was arrested on December 8 last year at his mother's home, Teresa King in Clerkshire, after calling her the local sheriff's office to complain that he was in a position; hitting his door.

Brochez was warned on September 29 not to return to his mother's possession after attempting to bring his or her way into a criminal offense. But he returned on December 8 to his home.

"When they arrive, this elector agrees those who suspect [Brochez] sitting on the porch of the house, "said the arresting.

"After talking to T. King, she advised that she did not want those who were suspected of their property and had been warned in the past without being in the building.

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"This lawyer informed the person who was suspected of the past warning and the suspects were asked to leave a few times but the person who was suspected was going to miss them. ; wanting to ask about the building of T. King and who wanted to talk to the sheriff. "

He was then arrested, arrested and taken to the Knightshire Preservation Center. Speaker confirmed for the Channel NewsAsia maintainer that Brochez was arrested and been on bail.

Brochez was ordered to appear before the district court on 18 February to tackle the case of a third-level crime crime.


There were 5,400 Singapore-proofed HIV from 1985 to January 2013 and 8,800 foreigners; in the records that were released online, including work and & # 39; Visiting applicants and owners, evidenced by HIV from 1985 to December 2011.

The information released includes names, identity numbers, contact information, HIV test results and

The information released includes names, identity numbers, contact information, HIV test results and other medical information AFP / Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV

He included the names, identity numbers, telephone numbers, addresses, HIV test results and medical information.

MOH stated that the information was released and is still in the possession of an HIV-leading American-American Brochez, live in Singapore since 2008.

He was in Romance with Ler Teck Siang, a Singaporeach Chinese maker who was the head of the National Public Health Unit at MOH from March 2012 to May 2013.

They started living together in Singapore in 2008, before they married in New York City on April 24, 2014.

Ler was authorized to obtain information from a HIV registration, and it is believed that the information is defamatory and it is expected that it has fulfilled the policies and guidelines regarding handling such information. He retired in January 2014.

In May 2016, MOH reported a police report after finding out that Brochez had a secret information yet.

Before that time, Brochez was convicted in prison and taken to 28 months behind bars. It was released last year, and MOH reported that part of its records was still.

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Although the information was not yet public at that time, the police were notified and contacted the people who were affected.

However, on January 22, MOH was informed that Brochez had a part of the information and was now discharged online.


Brochez had awakened the Ministry of Human Rights to give him a passport after he came from America in 2008.

On two different occasions, Lernail introduced a sample of his blood as a Brochez, so the Americans could hide HIV status.

HIV Test

File image of a medical rescuer who tests HIV screen on blood sugar. (Photograph: AFP / Romeo Gacad)

But the fish was found, and when the police put their features, they found a number of fake education qualifications that were given to him.

These included a language degree from the University of Vanderbilt, a Masters degree in the development of a psychiatrist and a child as well as a doctorate in psychology and education from the University of Paris. A professional teaching qualification was also taken. Studies showed that they were all created.

A Bahamian passport, also known as Malatesta da Farrera-Brochez, was also found safely.

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Brochez had presented exhibitions and speeches at a number of international seminars for academy and research. In an interview with a local newspaper in 2010, he said he had eight languages ​​and was a "successful laboratory bar" for his mother, Teresa King, who was a renowned professor of children and young people's psychology in the UK.

But there were no certificates in the UK in the UK. When Britain was on a daily basis, the independent sent to a registered UK diagnostic expert named Brochez, said that Brochez was not her son and she had no specialty in that particular area.

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