HIV: Why do not worry about my sweetheart that gets her & her; virus


Max has HIV advanced, Alex is not. They started to join together two years ago, just after Max knew that he was in a position; live with HIV.

Both took part in a major study of virus disorders that showed that they did not; A person with HIV who has been able to effectively cure her virus can be pulled through sex.

Both of them share their story with BBC Radio 5 with the hope that it will inspire people to be tested and done; eliminate some of the remaining stigma.

Story about Max

"I was 24 years old when I discovered that I was HIV positive. FWhat's in a lot, a punch in her & # 39; stomach. When they told me, I started to crying. I did not know what I should do. Should I go back to work or do a break in my life? Do I need to tell someone? How do I find a brooch today?

The nurse told her clinic where they gave me the results and said: "Do not worry, everything is right".

As I did the test regularly, I found it at a very early stage, and it was a good news because the faster the cure is to be; start, better.

HIV drugs work reduced the amount of virus in blood at unexpected levels. This means that the virus can not be broadcast when it has a species, even without a condom.

Having to & # 39; pharmacist that I need is something easy:only have to one fold daily at lunchtime. Patients with type 1 diabetes can use four or five screens daily.

By getting HIV positive I've spent more of my mind than physically: The worry I feel when I need to tell others about my illness.

My diagnosis was informed to my closest friends and family. Most of them responded incredibly, but they did not support me.

Tell friend, type of supporter for me: "In fact, I would not search or go to; sex with someone with HIV. I always left her & # 39; question they are sending to & # 39; their medication or not. "

I felt that I was in a position; causing people with HIV to be "unhealthy" and himself as a "responsibility" to avoid communicating with people like me.

This vision came into effect in the 1980s, when HIV was considered personal failure or death sentence. People still connect HIV with these gravestones on television or with a TV; Princess Diana was abusing people with AIDS in hospital.

Many of them refused to talk to people with HIV and much more to have a personal connection. But today, those of us who are living with HIV can be able to; stay as big as anyone else.

My influence has affected me. I started to get panic attacks. I never had to know them, but I can not bother it. I can not even & # 39; and to go out.

I met Alex shortly after learning he was living with HIV. We were both academic and we were interested in sex and gender issues, and so we became involved. He already knew that my HIV was positive, and so he was not something; I have to tell.

I'm not sure how much we stopped using condoms when I maintain relationships I did not see it really, but I was scared to be encouraged not to use condoms so that it would be best for me to go to # 39; feel better.

Last year, we took part in the study Partner, which has shown a great deal the people with HIV getting sex without condom and not giving up virus if they take the right cure.

I think if more people would know about this, fear or stigma would have a lot about HIV and nothing would have to do with them; get tested. "

How medicine works for HIV

  • HIV is treated by antiretroviral drugs, which have a repatriation and a & # 39; virus.
  • The amount of virus in the blood is then measured to see how well the medicine works.
  • It can take up to six months for these viral people to become unprofitable.
  • People with HIV who receive effective treatment against HIV and their viral device can not be found for six months or more, they can not. virus through species.
  • The NHS, British public health service, says that condom is the most effective way of protecting HIV and other diseases that are exposed to sex (STD).

Alex story

"That's the first thing I've had of Max he was very sure of himself.

I met him at the United Kingdom Green Party political conference. I was with a group of homosexual people – we believed we were scared as a convention – and even so he came across and said: "Hi."

I got that My daily HIV was after I met him, when he posted his Facebook status next to his statue with his medicines.

One of the reasons for being directly attracted to him was as open as he was; talk he had HIV. I had always been confident and convicted to apply socially.

It also liked me that he was, even when he was in a position; tackling the effects of diagnosis, part of his time and emotional power to try and help others.

We met two months or two after that conference and that's where everything started.

No I was scared outpositivenot at all. On the other hand, I was feeling sorry because I knew that; I have suffered some conviction from others after it has been criticized.

Having been unprecedented, I did not have any worries about & # 39; HIV risk I knew that my sweetheart was to eat her.

I am full of trust. Some people say that people with their virus can not take their drugs, but it's not just a harm to it. If you are living with HIV, your health depends on having to & # 39; pipes every day. It's not something you forget about it.

I have not told my whole family that Max is HIV-positive, I do not think that's important.

Tell me my parents before he would take it home for dinner, except because he did not. Bringing back to the dinner and did not want me to get up from the table to do it.

It's hard that it has not been better than HIV can not be broadcast. Too many people suffer from the stigma around the illness for any reason.

People's views on HIV are accelerated in the past. We need to change the drive. "

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