HK-based PAGs up to $ 6b for third-party purchase property


Hong Kong Commercial Investigation Company PAG to close Asia's third private privately owned private property asset at $ 6 billion, after being transferred over it, and its vehicle will start to work in the area as early as its. this year.

The property that has been on the market since June this year, was only a week's closure, said PAG Monday.

The closing date is less than three years after its previous investment, PAG Asia Fund II. The third asset will continue the same strategy as the money it has; Previously, PAG Asia II, which closed in December 2015 at $ 3.6 billion, and PAG Asia I, which closed in September 2012 at $ 2.5 billion. The asset series is invested in major markets in Asia with a focus on purchasing situations.

"We have the strong commitment to our buying assets aimed at Asia to show the trust our investors have on. We will continue to focus our Providing strong results to our investors, "said Chairman and CEO of PAG Weijian Shan.

New assets, according to a report from FT, are largely built from the U S pension fund and is also supported by landfill property assets from Kuwait and Singapore.

Asia, a pioneering targeted PAG, which regulates $ 30 billion in the capital, securing funds under private equality management, estate and complete return strategies. He works in many markets, including Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea and South East Asia

The other two investment strategies include real estate and total results. Although Real Estate PAG has invested more than $ 21 billion in more than 6,500 buildings throughout the region, the full-fledged business now manages more than $ 5.5 billion and has over Investing $ 7 billion in the last 10 years.

The company was in the news earlier this year when it filed over $ 700 million for Spring Reit. Among its other investments in the recent period China's comparative and comparison industry was the production of Yingde Gases business gauges.

With a multi-billion currency now, PAG has completed itself among a list of other global and regional private equality players who have built large vehicles for use in Asia. At the end of the third quarter this year, six of the top 10 largest private assets in the world paid money; targeting Asia, according to a report by Preqin.

Recently, Capitalhouse Hill built the House of Knock IV at a $ 10.6 billion hard drive, in the largest private fundraising in Asia, which overlooks it. Asian Property III KKR $ 9.3 billion.

In addition, the Blackstone Group at the New York mainland has built a 9.5 billion billion Asia cruise vehicle. Earlier this month, it was reported that a & # 39; the company's private equity company, Bain Capital LLC, a & # 39; first and last one for his / her property that is Focusing in $ 3.5 billion in December.

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