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For the case Two men were already arrested, by researching with involvement with a couple. The videos were recorded in 42 rooms and 30 hotels in 10 different towns. The police have shown that the hotel address is not at all involved.

The cameras were hidden in digital television decades, ships or switches and in hairdressers. The registered material was moved directly to the Internet.

The site the videos were broadcast was in question 4,000 registered users, With a further 97 that paid more subscriptions for monthly payments, for example watching videos again. Between November 2018 and March 2019, the pier built over $ 6,000.

"In the past there was a similar case where cameras were installed in hotels, but this is the first time the police have identified where the distribution came from. “CNN's authorities said.

More than It has 800 friends shown in these images which were recorded for video for three months, most of them said they had a gender, the police said.

The group had collected seven million (about 5,445 euros). The two suspects are arrested and are investigated by the two others.

In 2017, more than 5,400 people suspected of using hidden cameras were held in South Korea, but 2% were sentenced to imprisonment only.

Thousands of women also viewed that hidden image's surprise many times last year in the context of a global movement #MeToo that is anti-violence against women.

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