HK Poprad – MAC Budapest


In the third third, the population of the home could increase the leadership of several times and did not need the situation needed. Budapest was very uncomfortable at the end and had more opportunities. However, the Goalkeeper Vošvrda was very skilled in his team and described a clean account. Poprad won today, following Petran's visit in the 16th minute, the football result.

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Langkow was glazed from the blue line that flows to the player that was in a position; visited and the boy went to the security net. It is estimated that it is assessed in a & # 39; midfielder. The hospitals spend leisure time.


Dave Bondra left on his & her; On the left side, he stood up but did not kill at the gate, and went closer, and then he did not hit it in the gates that were opened.


Salija removed the bag out of the referee's defense range, referee to the enemy, but nothing happened too. Fit with a bird.


Pass on the Blue Bar line out of the belt, and the guests again to & # 39; hunt again.


The guardian of Rajna has remained on the side of the attack, with Vššvrda's aim!


Recreation times for Poprad.


Finally, the man won after Salij's work, but sent him away for a disqualification.


Now, the home team is managing. A magician has been experiencing the time and his. fight for the product.


Burt did not let his pocket go up in the & # 39; middle band, he continued with his band. For a long time the guests got it, but they did not kill them.


Mátyás Odnoga was skilfully pushed from the corner of the jetty in front of the visit and attempted to surprise his & her; Voices. His clothes, however, were directly directed to the concrete.


David Bondra started on, he showed his skilled skills, but then from the right round the pocket was fired by the net.


Dansereau's Dude's show, which was uncomfortable on her cover. Puck leaped Voshladov's concrete, but fortunately he went to the corner of the keeper.


The guests have a fantastic opportunity now, Marek Zagrapan gets two minutes for an illegal game with a hockey stick.


Popradans burned a huge chance. In the court they went on, Burning Abdul from the left circle, jump out of the goal Although not good, Zagrapan failed, and he did not lose the game and had an open gate.


Dudás sat down on the blue line. He had a hard man on concrete to Vošvrdův and the pitch fled.

There are 895 spectators present at this meeting today.


The Vošvrdova gate went down to a lesser challenge after leaving the Klempa players on the left. It was stopped after that and left it; ask the homeman puck for his cover.


His team at Miklós Rajna is still in the game for points. He was able to resist the uncomfortable discomfort Svitan from the right round he removed from the moment.


The Takec was across the & # 39; an attacking zone over the blue line of Mlynarovič, who stood in the village, but escaped his sight over her; gateway.


After Bugar was killed from the blue, Langkow was still uncomfortable, but Vosvrda was able to stand against the defense's helpers.


The Dude was gutting on the blue line, but the puck was working behind the line, and it was stopped. game due to the place where the game was.


Vaclav took the right wing on the right wing, Mlynarovič had been living, and he decided to take it, just to the right.


On the left, Samuel Takac started out, the fabric he had prepared for him, but sent him to the opponent only, in which he went to the defensive nets.


Erving's eruption from the wrong circle, Heizer wanted the person to return quickly before the gate but there was no ready-to-get involved.


Petran had a lot of free, Keegan Dansereau had gone to Voevers, collapsing closely, but Poprad's cousin stopped with his usual traffic light.


Koyš left behind the right circles to Jindřich Abdul, who put a sharp fire with a rod, which Rajna had to stop with a sniper.


Photograph from Tamás Pozsgaia from the right side of the range, the Vošvrda did not move but the puck.


The bat was over Negrin on the right wing, the boy who was preparing for the show, but then found the pucker at his / her; The last minute of the Negrin accidentally.


Orbán did not work on the blue line, and turned off and turned to turn. The ability to re-use was also used with the home team.


Popradans went into the bands, but Bondrov ran unfortunately the falcon straight on the hockey stock.


Nagy's left-hand left did not appear in front of Odnog, and Erving stopped her and then shot the Vošvrda gun.


The Czaránek game came to an end on the Odnogu hockey watt, from a blue and white view. Captain Pozsgai, and his team stopped the home team.


His cross was only browned by Wenceslas, which was not helped by his & her; line judge who did not hit the split with the spit.


The third began.

Again the center played part of the game again several opportunities, which expanded its & # 39; The project is that many goals can be home, but at the end there is a huge worry. The guests also made several attempts, but they did not settle. The situation has not changed, Poprad is the guide 1: 0.
The third will begin at about 18:41.


The second is over.


After Fabian's unsuccessful seal, Klemp got on but got the right circle and pulled out.


Takec came close to his goal, but he was pushing a hockey stick with his enemy. He finally burned, but only to Rajn's cruelty.


Erving went to the corner of the climbing line and made a strong fight against two players, and with the help of Mlynarovič he got hold of a puck.


Jared Brown, just after a pop-up disagreement, started on his right wing, attempting a picture from the circle. She finished the Vošvrdova coffin and immediately played the home.


Patrik Koyš was well preserved, but he did not want to see him, and turned to his gate and tried him closely. Rajna expanded his concrete and hit it successfully.


Leap Salija quickly on the ice, pushing the Takacov puck, killed her back at her; gate with the bekhendom, but it did not fail directly.


The playground against Keegan, Dansereau, who was already in a big scene, was shot from the first one, but Vashvord moved rapidly and convinced why he was one of a stats to & # 39; gamekeeper.


Langkow came close to expanding visitor dominance to a piece in punishment, but the ball is heard underwater. Guests staying in the & # 39; band.


First closure in the second third. The game is played by MAC, and Patrik Koyš gets two minutes back.


Samuel Mlynarovič was struggling to do a dance with her; his normal activity and his hatred, but the throw was safely stretched out from the weather frame.


Karalahti threw the puck just to the back of her cover. His eyes instantly started but he could not fight against the defenders.


Bodo quickly returned to the back from the bar to the # 39; bar, where Langkow was scaling, but he did not; got something better. The Voice was carefully covered this place.


The crowd was pushed by Jesse Dudás in a strike from the blue line. An instant voice was a true concrete draw.


Karalahti's head was overwhelmed by Takac, but the boy only finished Rajn's equipment, which is in the last few months; disappeared was very stable.


It is thought that the death of Karalahti was supposed to have been killed by Macek from the blue line. It was stopped by the guests, who were immediately released out, but did not stop it.


The home was not happy with that one. Svitana was sent back from the left circle back to Heizer, who was shot on a bang, but sent out after him.


After Petran was thrown out of the blue line, Svitan and Bondrom were a good chance, but these two did not understand the goal completely.


Szabad showed Major free in front of the visit but finally he did not get a good puck. Peannachadh was subsequently obtained the puck into their power.


Tomas Klemp, who has traveled with his / her photocopy, built right circle, its way, but then it was just next to the right gate.


Václav was looking for his teams among the circles, he wanted to put his shot to Takac, but he did not. able to process.


Numbers were available to guests. Kreisz dressed with a puck on the left and turned the trip to Szigetimus. However, the pass was not passed through the Poprad defender.


A picture from Svitan Rajno started on the front of David Bondra, but it was badly hit. The guests have their own protection.


On the other hand, Marek Zagrapan, who was shouting close to the goal, passed from Koyša, but put the puck to the net to defend.


Orbán Chris Bodó, who was working on an old man and his / her; shooting away. Its boundary was determined by Vošvrdov's concrete.


Petran to Mlynarovič were not allowed, and the pitch got slowly on Rajn's visitor, who broke it quickly.


The second began.

In the opening part of the game we saw some exclusion, especially on the side of the house. Budapest could get quickly and played more in his & her; own band. Petran clarified to visit in the 16th minute moment.
The second starts at about 17:54.


The first third is over.


Abdul put the right ring into his hand, but he did not; Bondra can not get killed in her.


Marcel Petran started again from blue. His hunter again needed the hunting, but this time it was a very lack of format.


It is kept to & # 39; confronting conflict. Chris Langkow gets 2 + 10 minutes for a picture.


After a long time, we also saw the end on the other side. Cameron Burt stripped just over the score, with Voorware who managed after hours. He got tightly into the receiver.


Erving stopped on the blue line. Eventually, his accident collapsed on the equipment at Abdul and he had to blow the puck quickly.


We won goals!
The home team will use its & # 39; power for one player. Salija was left in the corner of the jacket with Puak Takac, who was attending the MARCEL PETRAN blue line and almost never broke the person who was in. hitting the net.
Aid: Samuel Takac, Arturs Salija.


Play the power of the second two players for the burial ground. Brance Orbán gets two minutes for puck clothes.


After Erving dropped out of the left circle, the pitch fell out of the best situation by Rajn, Zagrapan, but he could not dance the pitch near the goal line.


Poprad already plays overall, Paukovcek's penalty has passed and more than one minute for the home team has been over and over. start.


Miss Jared Brown failed to protect Taka, who allowed him to escape a little and then stalked him. It gets two minutes for a & # 39; gutting.


David Bondra was fighting on her; medal in the defense zone and finished. He seized himself, covered the puck away, thrown to the side, and finished close, but only stopped Rajnov.


Speech played very real. He took it again with a good rod, handled the puck, and put it alone across all the lines.


Even MAC Budapest is empowering power. Lukáš Paukovček has lost two minutes.


The Klemp took the puck out of the defensive range. In the meantime, there are already guests in the mobile phone and it is easier to face this home team.


Bodo along with Burtom was collecting a number of valuable magazines, Thanks to the good sketching movement in the chamois band. They kept the & # 39; Undertaker &


Kenya Karalahti's capture was from the very obvious circle to Rajn. The Sergeant MAC got it safe to prevent it.


Popradčanom does not play the second part of the game power. The puck moved only around the border and the blue line without any surprise. Budapest left against him and the puck was thrown away.


Bondra lost, who was near to reach Erving's goal, gap, but lost the goal.


A & # 39; Karalahti's first goal was in Rajnov's concrete, which had a 100-minute Hungarian goal.


It will be a double power for Poprad. Jesse Dudás gets 2 + 2 minutes for an illegal game with a tall stick.


Popradčany also won power to thank the active game in the & # 39; zone of attack. Gábor Bugár gets two minutes to keep.


Erving was waiting for the blue line and took hold of him. As a result, he also held his friend Karalahti of Finland, and Rory's concrete was rebuilt.


Erving's loss of protection range in those situations means to be banned.


Majross passes from a team team, finally the pitch ran between the alongside Kevin Szabad, who was burned, but his head stopped.


Bondra was waiting for her & # 39; pushed out of her horizontal and her & # 39; away with him. A garden from the ring was left behind him, but Poprad got hold of her. puc.


Langkow Orbán dropped out of his wings, but he did not understand it enough. The puck went through the attack, but they got them on their sticks at home.


It is also possible to create the hospitality. Bodo got himself with the ring between the rings, jumping back to Orban, which was immediately burned. The voice must be taken into the protection net.


Before Mlynarovičom opened a free place, try a shot, but was banned. Later on, he returned to Takac, but he went through the stick.


Explore Klempa, with his boy behind the line of visit, Jared Brown for the visitor, who saved the last split.


Kundrik jumped from the center and dropped in the shield. He did not keep it back, but MAC lost the loss.


Svitana did not understand the attack zone by Bondrom, and so his chamois does not. continue very much. And finally, their duty was successful, from blue again to protect Erving and Rajn also in the right place.


Koyš released his band and raised the Erving blue line, which killed the visitor's guest. Miklós Rajna was the new place.


Zagrapan is back on the wings of Jindřich Abdul, but he did not get the same way. Puck fled into the band and tried to get them both.


He was first attacked by guests. Dansereau was looking for Tomas Klempa between the rounds that stood completely free, but finally he did not. The puck can make the first hit.


A meeting just started.

Both teams are ready for their game, the home team will be given in blue jumps and guests from Budapest in white. Nowadays we hear both state calves – Hungarian and Slovakia.

Beginning assemblies:

HK Poprad: Petrov, Salija, Fabian (C), Cesnak, Erving, Karalahti – Takac, Mlynarovich (A), Vaclav – Abdul, Zagrapan, Koys – Svitana (A), Heizer, Bondra – Kundrik, Paukovcek, Macik

MAC Budapest: Rajna (Balizs) – Dudas (A), Negrin, Fejes, Burt, Bugar, Pozsgai (C), Szigeti – Bodo, Langkow, Orban – Dansereau, Brown, Klempa – Terbócs, – Kreisz, Majoross, Szabad

Judge: Štefik, Stano – Durmis, Kollar.

I pray you every Saturday afternoon to you and I'm sorry. welcome you to watch online shift from the 24th round of Tipsport League between HK Poprad and MAC Budapest. A meeting will start at the Poprad winter park at 5:00 p.m. Lukáš R. Ovšonka will be with him.

HK Poprad
Popradskí won the hockey wave after winning her and captured Mikuláš 4: 2 at home and also in a very good game Banská Bystrica 2: 1. The masons were then , going to Matus Ceca to Trencin where they wanted to make a successful series of winning. The game played at a good pace, we saw a number of opportunities on both sides. Popradcans could fight the fight strongly in their hands, they had up to two dual-play power players, but they found that the benefits were bigger than the appeal. In the statistics on the use of the game games, they are on the tent with 10.48%. Le Duklou finally lost 2-0, but still continue to play the third place with a score of 47 points and score 65:49.

MAC Budapest
A team from the Hungarian capital is under the Tatras & # 39; possibly in their best form to date in this season season. MAC is currently hosting a series of three-time awards that have started after a "repre" break in Detve, where Budapest 4: 5 won, and hit a home game in the Hungarian Derby Miškovec 4 : 2 and on Sundays he gave a great deal of advice to New Cats, regulation 4: 3. But, Budapest's 9th place still has a profit of 31 points and the differences are not from eight to eleven places but four points. So bees also want to visit Poprad.

Both teams have met twice this season. In the first instance, the homes were more successful in the home, winning 3: 1, but then they took home MAC 3: 2 once in Budapest.

I'm really inviting you to look at her & # 39; moving online and I'm saying you're good at sport.

Welcome to online transfer. Meeting will begin at 17:00.

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