Ho Chi Minh Town Taxation Public List of 1,206 tax debts


CafeLand – Ho Chi Minh Town Taxation Department has just listed a business tax debts distribution in 10/2018 at home.


This list includes 1,206 businesses and individuals who are in a position; Charges with a total debt of more than 587.2 billion of taxes, taxes and late payments. Of those, many businesses have a large debt on the property.

In particular, a company in the property group that overlaps the debt debts at Hong Quang Construction and Investment Estate (Area 4) Shareholding companies of 92 billion.

The next thing is Hoang Phuc House's Development Fund Company with a debt of VND48 billion; Hong Anh Earranta Construction Company (Tan Binh District) is 18.6 billion; Nam Huy Hoang (Area 9) Stock Company and Stock Company with VND 17.2 billion, Dong Thanh Technology Limited Company (Area 9) with VND 12.2 billion; Kim Oanh JSC Investment and Development (Area 9) debt 11.2 billion; The Saigon Estates Development JSC (Area 9) was 11.2 billion.

Some other major tax creditors are: Thang Long Shared Stock Company on Estate (Area 4) and 9.98 billion dollars; There are 17.5 billion shares of Saigon Seaf Import Import Compatible Stock Company (Tan Binh).

In the case of a Hong Quang Estate Estate Buildings and Property Cooperation Company case, the tax office has said the invoice is not lawful and has been asked to withdraw the business registration certificate.

There are a lot of tax debts in the remaining tax payments in the & # 39; big group. Taxation authorities include the majority of tax debts enforcement measures such as to # 39; preventing invoice use, and frost to & # 39; count and draw money from the bank account. for state budget.

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