Ho Kim Thoa collected a collection of over 38 billion. move the DQC – VnEconomy


Ho Thi Kim Thoa built the change in ownership of Dien Quang Lamp Partial Stock Company (DQC-HOSE code).

Accordingly, Kim Thoa sold 1.4 million extracts of 1.68 million sections of the previously mentioned DQC, the sections after its business to 286,415 shares, and representing 0.916% of the number of sections. circulated. The date of the business is 20 November with an agreement method.

According to the HOSE data, Ms. Thoa 1.4 million DQC shares value over VND38 billion. Since the beginning of the year, the DQC department price has decreased by 7.22%, equivalent to VND 27,000 / share with a measure of 14,510 shares.

At this time, the Thoa family still retains a large number of people; shares in Dien Quang with 9,160,457 shares, representing 29.3% of the unpaid shares. In particular, the Chairman of the Board holds the General Director of Ho Quynh Hung (his brother of Thoa) 2,517,993 departments.

Mrs. Thos's daughter is a daughter; Board and Deputy General Director of Nguyen Thai Nga hold 4,125,632 shares and Nguyen Thai Quynh has a headquarters with 2,230,417 shares.

By the end of C3/18, the DQC 289 billion dollar net income, and the value of 755 billion dollars, increased by 11 per cent over the same period last year. Profits came after Q3 to VND22 billion, down 6.4% y / y and came to VND75 billion, just above the same time last year.

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