Hoanh Bo area "around"


Excavating using a & # 39; burial ground: Hoanh Bo area around - Picture 1.

A large area was excavated.

Do not worry about cattle?

According to Trieu Duc Huong, Chairman of the People's Committee in the Hoanh Bo area, after the Quang Ninh People's Committee Chairman gave guidance on his / her impact on his / her. project in the Dong Mon cemetery in Quang La commune and land use raising its project, on 30 October, the area held a meeting to use their handling. Therefore, all equipment of the Ha Long Group Compatible Stock Company must be removed from the area; However, Thang Long One Member Limited Company (North East Company) has a strict control. Coal and oxygen are monitored and monitored daily.

The latest report of this area also said on November 19, to revitalize its & # 39; area, the Tang Long Thang Tidal Liability Company was the responsibility of the area and the coal resources in the area. The mines have been designated to control and protect existing detection stations, not to # 39; Allows the objectives and methods of access without the permission of the area assigned to the management.

Excavating using a & # 39; burial ground: Hoanh Bo area around - Picture 2.

The cemetery is just over 3 hectares but the land is used for more than 30 hectares.

The Quang La Commune People's area is the responsibility of state state management and natural resources, especially in the scope of the project. At the same time, the area also relieved the Department of Natural Resources and Environment with the units to provide the range; Local police in collaboration with the units to ensure security and order in the area.

However, before the government made a positive activity, the locals said that only "lost cattle to take care of cages" because Most of the land could be used to complete the project. based on the hill, the Long Group Ha Group has moved to free equipment, equipment, work … to dig here during the night. Even the more extensive and deeper excavation range, and & # 39; showing the coal bed and the area near the lake of Lake Yen. However, there seems to be no barrier.

According to the people, although the area over the past two years has just been a major site with the sound of excavators, breweries, dust, dusty dust … Especially, From the mineral area to its & # 39; cemetery, I went to Ha Giang to go over a project; cemetery and then over Ha My pass to Bac Giang. However, I have not seen the authorities to analyze, and # 39; blocked to protect them. protecting mineral resources.

Is it hard … look?

Following a number of severe suffering, on November 20, Hoanh Bo's headquarters and the area's specialized department headteachers worked for the media. But here, the surrounding district leaders turned, and put the answer to the # 39; key problem.

Affecting coal graveyard grave: Hoanh Bo area around - Picture 3.

"Hoanh Bo District" with the papers.

For example, the reporter responds to whether a local Stock Party is a Party Stock Company who visits the Ha District district, which is famous in the area; has been a new dig, used by a coal band or not? Mr Trieu Duc Huong, Chairman of the Hoanh Bo area Committee of Hoanh Bo, has 12 societies, towns, 8 companies, minerals (coal, electronic) have facilities. However, it is the thing that there is not much coal in the reservoirs. Nochyen Nguyen Thanh An, the head of Scotland's area, has only taken the land from 1997 to 2001.

In particular, Mr Nguyen Huu Nha, former Vice Chairman of the District People's Committee, has asked the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to clarify whether the area is in a position; belonging to a reservoir or 10 or just within the boundaries of Thang Long Company.

Given the question of why coal in this area has a written suggestion for a & # 39; continent to gather land? No one answered.

Responding to the area's question, it has worked out how much it is; It is a Body of Long Ha's Body, a deep digging, what's a there? Nhan said: "This volume is currently being measured. The department has been producing the area and its North East Company for review and operation. This determines that the previous study has already spoken. But, when the reporter requested the relevant documents, Mr Nha was re-elected .. no matter. Huong said the area has also investigated a detailed statistical field.

The issue of excavation of a campaign in a protected forest area, although clearly in the final report of the People's Committee, is Nguyen Thanh An, Head of Natural Resources Office and Environment continues to & # 39; Exit the construction unit to dig into the forest protection. However, it was later discovered that excavation was on the edge of the lake Lap Yen in the defense forest.

Affecting a coal clay screen: Hoanh Bo area around - Picture 4.

There was also a case that urgently sent a local opinion, and # 39; asking questions as why the Ha Long Group Compatible Stock Company had made it back instead of filling the hole to excavate deep holes "to excavate". exhale coal? Mr said that the company was able to cut the floor from the high ground to fill the ground to see the coal.

Finally, when you ask us why there are only 3 hectares on the cemetery, but businesses do. dig up to more than 30 hectares to find ground land? Nhai tells that the land used at the two above points is not only the land is in attendance; Getting started for a cemetery project but also spilled into other local rural projects in the area. The reporter praised a list of dumped new rural areas, land planes, giving special books … he did not answer.

Why are Hoanh Bo's leaders around, so to avoid? If Quang Ninh agrees, does the company expect to freely excavate the area for more than 30 hectares like that? How many tonnes of coal were stolen here? There is a series of questions waiting for feedback from the Hoanh Bo and Quang Ninh province area.

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