Hockey Lawn: Chile is the great hero


The 25th Lieutenant of Chile opposed Andino's attack, with 1-0 and was crowned as a champion of the Trasandino contest of male grass hockey.

"Our good attack we made very good games and others that are not so big, but the important thing is to be involved in a high level and a competitive event such as Mendoza.

Diego Parés / Los Andes

In the end, Andino ranked second phase, but we knew how we would manage and win the game, "said Coach of Chile, Jorge Dabanch.

In the men's calendar, it's just a good annual final between Vistalba and German Competition of the previous competitions of this season. It would be a triangle if it was Andina was awarded yesterday, but Azul finished second time and Chile did not play. Although the control is set up they do not; Play but camps, when the red one is low, it should not be & # 39; live in their Andean place.

During the first two quarters Reds and Blues he was bigger than the Dabanch team, who opened the account, by stick Calf and Chile pressing, but a keeper of the mobile at Mendoza Juan Pablo Macola, he was safe and drowned out of a number of red-starred promises. In correspondence, the Eternal evolution has evolved, but, Silence protects the well short and the visitor disappeared all that was thrown by the blue

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