Holding the last words of the pilots before the plane collapsed


The scratches, the thrush, the messages sent to the loved ones are recorded in the last minutes on the bad planes.

"Good night, goodbye, we have to go!"

Engine error created by engine to length while & # 39; the Polish Polish Airlines 5055 went to New York in 1987. The control pilots lost before the plane crashed into the gun. Kabaty, Warsaw suburbs, Poland.

Comments on the last words of the pilots before the plane collapsed - Picture 1.

A 1987 aircraft crash victims were memorial to the Kabaty forest edge, outside Warsaw, Poland. (Photograph: Wikimedia Commons / Grzegorz Petka)

A living man did not wait and the last words the team said to them: "Good afternoon, goodbye, we must go!"

"Do not do that!"

Captain Boeing 737 FlyDubai, shouting, "Do not do it!" Before the plane moved 55 passengers and seven teams cast up the ridge in the Russian town of Rostov-on-Don in March 2016.

Video: FlyDubai went down on the terrace, and caught fire

The second one later, the plane broke into a firefighter, and killed 62 people.

"Lady, we're dead!"

He took two years after the Air France crash 447 in the West Atlantic killed 22 people in 2009, and only in a cock crowed; Captain said they were able to recover.

The recording showed the pilot shouting, "Dona, we're dead!" before the plane collapsed.

Maintaining the final words of the pilots before the plane collapsed - Picture 2.

Recovery of the aircraft was two years after the crash. (Picture: AP)

"That's enough, everyone!"

The airplane 352 of Vladivostok Air fell to the Irkutsk airport in Russia in 2001.

There were 136 travelers and nine members killed.

Theo planecrashinfo.com, before the situation can be saved, tell the pilot to passengers and co-workers: "That's enough, everyone!"

"Let's go!"

Airplane 261 airplane flew to San Francisco in 2000 when it fell throughout the Pacific Ocean.

The captain could not control the plane while & # 39; as he tried to get sick; Landing at the Los Angeles International Airport, causing the plane to take 88 people to the sea.

Before the awful moment, the proof of the pilot appeared to be; tell everyone, "Let's go."

"Oh, I love you!"

The accident with a private light plane in 1978 caused the Pacific Southwest Airlines to fly down North Park in San Diego, California. The crash killed 135 people aboard and seven were killed.

Photo of the last words of the pilots before the plane collapsed - Picture 3.

The Pacific Southwest Airlines plane catches fire before entering a park in San Diego, California. (Photograph: Wikimedia Commons / Hans Wendt)

Just two or two before, the captain said, "Make it ready!" Before another pilot started, "Oh, I love you!"

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