Holland: Europe welcomes the tulip season


Holland: Europe welcomes the tulip season

Koeman's spirit

A "German spirit" appeared in the Veltins Arena in the morning. There was a 0-2 to 85 minute team in a 2-2 equality in the last 5 minutes. A broken-up team still has a & # 39; seeking opportunities in the last few times. But he was not the arm of Joachim Loew. Ronald Koeman's youth team has taught the German lesson of steel to the Germans.

That is a strength that is not expected by the Netherlands in the UEFA League of Nations. It's just a team that is rebuilt with many young players. But Koeman is not only a good player, but he is also a strong champion. By losing one of these, the Netherlands can not be able to; hitting Germany (3-0) and France (2-0), World Cup winners with high quality stars.

Koeman has also accepted that the French did not play well in the 2-2 draw at Schalke. "But the players are not allowed to surrender," said the 55-year-old. In the middle half, Koeman gave a piece of paper to Kenny Tete that included innovative changes. One of these is Koeman's request for defenders to seek objectives. And finally the plan succeeded when Van Dijk was equivalent to 2-2 at his / her; last minute.

Koeman is responsible for a team that is a most, compared to the Everton opposition. Do De Ligt, De Jong, Barcelona mid-Barcelona is not just the spiritual father's. This is also the role of the Koeman Netherlands Football Association, who has a reputation, influence and the ability to blast fire. Koeman's legacy over Dick Advocaat's dinner, Danny Blind, and Guus Hiddink's stool and fight. In other words, Koeman's heroic image of his rivalry is converting into the Netherlands.

Challenge in the final

The League of Nations's semi-finals reflecting the revival of the Netherlands But Koeman's outbreaks are far out. Only for the League of Nations warriors to be launched; this successful football.

Germany 2-2 Netherlands

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Wait for a minute.

However, the Dutch side of the opponents is very tough. He also has talented youngsters who have reached the 2018 World Cup finals. Portugal was never easy to play with Ronaldo's top star in the team. Swiss is considered to be the most vulnerable but always obvious as winning the 5-2 co-operation over the past. Belgium spent.

The draw will be cited on the 3 December competitors of the Netherlands. They are the largest co-competitors of the Orange team. It is not easy to maintain a stimulating style to June the following year with an incredible football team like the Netherlands. At that time, Van Dijk, Wijnaldum, Museum was fully positioned after a tired season at a & # 39; club? Koeman's heaviest work is still ahead.

Koeman's teachers have the right to be proud of what has been done. They went on the shoulders of the French giants, Germany to win tickets to the League League for the semi-finals. A new generation of people who are aiming to renew their dream of the golden orarange. And if the most popular team in the League of Nations is not better than Holland.


15 Netherlands is the lowest team on FIFA World Classification in October among the top four final teams. The Netherlands was ranked fifth, and then with England (5), Portugal (7) and Switzerland (8).

It is the best number

According to the judges, England is the only candidate for the UEFA Champions League 2018/19. The Gareth Southgate team is 8 to 15 degrees for coronation. Swiss is the lowest of the four in the # 39; final with share 2 to 9.

The problem of the four teams in the finals

English: 15/8 *

Portagail: 9/4

Netherlands: 3/1

Switzerland: 9/2

(*): Set 8 to eat 15 according to William Hill

Do you know?

The UEFA Premier League final will be held on June 5 and 6, 2013. Portugal is a co-finator with two Dragao players and Dom Afonso Henriques.

The last two finals will meet on the 9th of June, the third game was held on the same day. The draw for the final was held on December 3,

Four teams in the UEFA League of Scottish bundle decisions will be placed in the Five (instead of six) Group in the EURO 2020 campaigns.

UEFA Tournament will receive € 7.5 million in bonus and one UEFA EURO 2020 target audience.

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