Holy myth: a wedding is playing Mario Kart daily to explain who is preparing the tea. Society


He does not live as an easy friend, especially when it comes to & # 39; setting up everyday activities, but there are twins to find an appropriate way and a fiddle to explain who makes the tea: a & # 39; play Mario Kart

Yes, as long as you are & # 39; reading, a video game, and although it seems strange it's the best way to find a wedding almost 20 years ago and they keep them very happy because no one suffers from anyone.

Louis Hvejsel Bork, a user of Reddit, the profile of his parents, and although many had liked it; step (even if it was marked) others were Of course it was a daily heritage.



Before the criminals, Share on Facebook image taken by the year 2014 on Instagram, where you can see your parents in the same situation as the previous picture, just a little younger and some of the changes in the room where their television is.

As defined by the young person, the live movement is as follows: each day his parents sit on the front of the television and they will play the Mario Kart game on Nintendo 64; the deceased must go to prepare the tea while the other is liked to the & # 39; game.

Democratic way so that activities can not be discussed and distributed What will happen to you

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