Home Economy Needed: a Central Bank & # 39; Stopping up an initiative to support investment from property for middle and high income


Al Watan recognizes that the Mid Bank has decided to stop the campaign to support middle-level finance and higher-income people after the money has reached 20 billion , the main bank was established as a campaign to stimulate estate finance.

The bank has decided to stop the campaign for citizens with moderate and high income starting next week, the bank said.

The sources that the initiative does not benefit the applicants of the "Dar Misr" and "Sakon Egypt" projects that did not spend the money and finishing their money; process for mortgage loan projects.

The bank provided a fair leasehold venture in February 2014 with an enhanced level with subsidized support for low income sectors with interest rates between 5% and 7%, average income at an interest rate of 8%, and total income above 10.5% averages.

Confirm the ongoing support from the Central Bank to support mortgage finance for low income during the future.

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