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In the house and in the town and in the wilderness. "Students sit in the ground or sit in front of a house in the south of the house. What will you do, son?

Stunning images, but describe the truth which came before Egyptian eyes and is used day by day. So we saw him. And so he saw the Education Minister, Tareq Shawki, when he wrote it through his personal account, on the social site "Facebook" proud of the new education system.

After two heavy days on which the students were not able to sit the exam with the will of wanting to get the test, Shawky said that students can do the test "at any time, anywhere they learn t enjoy an experiment they are taking voluntarily. "

Minister for Education, who commented on several photographs, and in words which do not give the response to all those questioning future education, said: “Despite her all unhealthy and unrest.

Students are shown on the television in their homes, areas and locations with their families and relatives.

Shawki said: "Magical experiments are being done for children in Luxor and West schools everywhere, in the home and in the city and in the wilderness. At any time and anywhere they are learning it. T and enjoying a trial that they submitted voluntarily, despite all doubts and reservations.

It should be noted that Dr. Minister for Education Tarek Shawqi said high-quality first-level students can take the exam anywhere, while the exam code is from school.

Shawki said in an interview with Osama Kamel on the night's "dmc night", which was broadcast through the "dmc": "Faker since I said Heiji day and we were tested in the café and at home and we made people laugh. "

He added: "The test is on Sunday and I understand the tests they come to work, as they want, even if they have a problem in the spirit of a school. anywhere. "

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