Home medicine search the ID number through the Ministry of Home and Country Affairs website


The Ministry of Public and Rural Affairs will provide a question about the administration of a minister electronically. The queries for urban services, through their website, and # 39; Provide the way in which the question of the issues in the home is with the identity number, so that the citizens know all the cure details they are interested in. If it is denied or has incomplete information, and in asking questions about things that n " We need to select the message we are following. Each government has every management site and at the end they all have a power. following the East Ministry. Municipal Municipal Affairs in which we are, we are officially required to achieve measures on what we want us to do; search for business.

Home medicine research the number of identities

My investment was launched by the Ministry of Business Affairs and Saudi city secretaries in the national transformation light of the United Kingdom on the home department and the desire to provide the quality of services to residents in different areas through updating services "My services will ask about the handling of secretary secretaries.

The method of asking about things in the town of one of the executed Kingdom secretaries has taken the following steps:

  • Log in to my services website or visit the Emirate site of the department that we want to ask about electronic activity.
  • The site's homepage is shown by the e-mail list.
  • On schedule we will find a query about the treatment we are doing; choose.
  • We will choose how we declare the matter if the registration number, the ones that were issued, received, or the number of e-mails.
  • We will enter the number and select the department and its number.
  • Click on the "Explore" option

The video shows a detailed description of services My Gateway to the National Municipal Society Following the completion of a digital format of all business activities at the Ministry of Business Affairs:

There is a way to ask about handling a & # 39; township on a registration or identity number within a range of services that the Municipal Business Ministry is represented in the port of my country, we have set out the steps and explanations in detail and we are happy to accept to any queries regarding this.

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