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The decision to give over a year is still open

In particular, on 9/1/2017, the Chairman of the People of the Vinh Thanh People announced that her house's decision is two stories on Bich on wrong public land.

Declaration of decision: the content of people named in 2015, Ms Bich publishes public domain in Lang Sen of a market for the realization of a two story house. At this time, Mrs. Bich's family house is located at 1 ground floor and 2 floors with a woman who has a bathroom. Miss Bich.

Mr Quoc Bich's illegitimate house

Mr Quoc Bich's illegitimate house

After an order to remove Mrs Bich he tried to resell the house to her; company.

After an order to remove Mrs Bich he tried to resell the house to her; company.

His decision also says: Bich's wife only built up two-storey buildings but they also The use of the material of a concrete garden at the front of the house of 9m x 10m and a construction 2.5m x 6.2m on the side After the house, which leads to public adverseness, causes unhappiness among the people.

On 11/5/2017, the Scottish Committee of the Vinh Thanh district passed an Àir Decision. 1444 / QD-UBND to deal with a breach of Ms. Le Viet Bich. Within 10 days, the VND22,500,000 fine decision must be paid and within 180 days, it must be deleted.

But on 21/8/2018, answer PV Righteousness, Mr Do Si Nhuong – Former Chairman of the Vinh Thanh District People's Committee, said: "We are doing a cooperative plan. The Vietnamese House (who chaired the Thanh Quoi Commune Committee) moved a move to new home.

However, on November 18, Mrs.'s wife had a two-story house. Bich still horns in the market without being inhibited as he did before Van Vanhu. But it is odd that the sign is on Mrs. Bich's house changed to: Small Kho Related Stock Company – Lang Sen Market Action Board.

Ms Bich's house sales contract for her company

Ms Bich's house sales contract for her company

According to the PV document Righteousness Received, after the removal of the house, Ms Bich will have ways to stay. At the media, he always referred to it on 6/9/2018, a man and a woman made her. Mr Bich contracted for the purchase of the old body for Mr Truong Viet Tran Cuong – Chairman of the Board by Director of the Khoa Construction Comprehensive Stock Company of 150 million. The contract is to buy the old body (ie to hit its body), but the house is still "remote" as a problem for the public.

An inconsistent area with the responsibility of state management?

After appearing "weird", the Reporter Dan Tri has contacted Vinh Thanh district leaders to clarify the issue. At the meeting, Mr Do Si Nhuong said that the area has been asking his family to continue to comply with the Aim Decision. 1444 with the 11/5/2017 date of the Vinh Thanh District People's Committee. Mrs Bich's person promised to move over. On 5/9/2018 Ms Bich moved the furniture to the new place. On September 6, 2017, he signed a contract to sell a car to his company.

On 14/9/2018, the Polytechnic Company sent a letter to its active branch for a house. Mrs Bich was purchased to run the Lang Sen Market office. On 4 October 1818, the Scottish Committee of the Vinh Thanh district referred to the case to the Can Tho People Committee, Town, Building Department, Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Mr Do Si Nhuong - Vice Chairman of the Vinh Thanh District People's Committee at PV meeting

Mr Do Si Nhuong – Vice Chairman of the Vinh Thanh District People's Committee at PV meeting

"The area's Economic Department will work with the company to monitor the quality of the house and which it is in accordance with the plan. If the secure building is over, the region will meet the people to report on the event. Tell what you say to hit the house that you will not benefit (?!).

In terms of his case, lawyer Nguyen Van Duc – Van Ly's Law Office (Can Tho) said: The event from 2015 is almost almost all; return to the starting point. The building is not allowed on the land led by the State, causing most of the reluctance, the main theme of the People's Committee in the Vinh Thanh district. There is a lack of status and lack of responsibility for state control in the area.

A German lawyer also said: To date, Ar A decision has a legal full right. 1444 / QD-UBND dated May 11, 1977 from the Vinh Thanh People's Committee. Therefore, Mr Quoc and Mrs Bich are responsible for removing the entire building architecture. So, the Vinh Thanh People's People Committee has put into effect the content of its decision making.

"In principle, if Bachkhoa's Compatible Stock Company is a victim of a slaughter, he can not continue to pursue the purchase, because this house has decided already done. In cases where the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Department of Construction for the house when the Small Company Khoa was asked, the law broke which was affecting propaganda activities. The law goes to everyone, without saying that that is the only thing to do in the face. "- A German lawyer said.

The story is that the current legal rule is forgotten! Is it because the house is the man and his; wife, leaders should be deceived in a way that is not easy to understand. People expect active agencies to "view" this case and have a proper cure.

Pham Tam

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