Homes living in Tan Son Nhat 2 months have returned home


According to the representative of the South Air Authority, on November 20, Masena Bokang Jon (Zimbabwean nationalism) was allowed to leave Vietnam while Turkish Airlines from Ho Chi Minh City to Istanbul. Turkey. This aircraft runs to Africa, where the passengers are going to; live.

Passenger Masena Bokang Jon, 32, from Zimbabwe, lives in Lesotho (Africa). Vietnam visitors have access to VN630 from Vietnam Airlines from Jakarta (Indonesia) to Tan Son Nhat on 18/8.

Turkish Airlines has a foreign home cover back home. Artwork: Xuan Hoa.

Turkish Airlines has a foreign home cover back home. Artwork: Xuan Hoa.

On 2/9, guests leave AirAsia flights from Tan Son Nhat to Don Muang (Thailand) and Osaka (Japan). In Japan, the authorities found that fake passports should be retained.

After more than 20 days of retention, the Japanese flew for Tan Son Nhat on the AirAsia plane according to international customs. On 27/9, guests came to Ho Chi Minh Town and was refused because of the lack of travel permission.

The young man in this room refused to go to Minister Tan Son Nhat to November 20, AirAsia administration and paying expenses were paid.

Masha Bokang Tha Jon has used fake passports to fly internationally in South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Vietnam. Kingdom of Lesotho's diplomatic production office confirmed in Malaysia that the number of RC049700 passports used by Masena Bokang Jon was given to another female citizen.

According to some experts, the Tan Son Nhat passenger Zimbabwe's tour of almost two months is rare. Often, independent people will be returned to their homeland as soon as they are going to; use fake passports to fly to other countries, but have been flying many countries and have to stay in Vietnam for several days to confirm. identity.

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