Homosexuality comes from a karaoke sound


Colonel Le Van Mot, chief of the district's Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang division, said police had stopped Nguyen Van Bon (SN 1981, fishing post, temporary residence KP5, home). To investigate the destruction of one person and two injuries.

According to the original information, at 15:00 p.m. on 20/11, Huynh Cong Tuan (SN 1979), Do Van Bang (SN 1980) and a young fellow called Cong KP5 temporary home, The Thoi Town) singing a karaoke in the next room.

If you play a sound, you can not sleep, so Nay said, It caused each other to face each other, so Cloudy left to the motel room.

Then Tuan, Bang and Cong went to the room. The knife fell to hit Tuan due to death.


The other two severely injured, in which the population was severely injured and so the police still have the additional certificate as well as obtaining personal information.

Phu Quoc Police are still investigating a & # 39; case.

Lam Hieu / VOV-Mekong Delta

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