Honda & Cambodia sent a "war" to Vietnam on it


Wednesday 21/11/2018 04:53 AM (GMT + 7)

After Cambodia was a 16-year-old assault, Keisuke Honda was very encouraging when he was in a position; talk about the game with Vietnam.

Cambodia recorded for 16 years: Laos influenced Laos 3-1, her & # 39; Cambodia's first advantage at the AFF Cup in 16 years, was more detailed since the 21st of December 2002, when the "Angkor Warriors" succeeded in the Filipino Islands by 1- 0. Shortly after their battle, AFF Cup official post "ready" post of Cameron Highlander and photographer who marked this milestone.

AFF Cup 21/11 News: Honda & Cambodia will take & # 39; war & # 39; to Vietnam - 1

Although the Cambodian NHK was very pleased with their first profit at the AFF Cup after 16 years, Honda coach was very calm.

Honda was a favorite to Vietnam: Despite the enjoyment of NHS Chambodach, Keisuke Honda's coach was very calm with her; this effect. According to the famous Japanese football, "Angkorian warriors" should be fully focused on meeting Vietnam on November 24th.

"I am very pleased with this impact, but the players should not be satisfied quickly because of their situation on Vietnam's departure, they are a strong team, and so Cambodia needs to be preparing well ", which is named as a 32-year-old star.

Vietnam, Myanmar Says confident about reducing Malaysia: In a great pleasure, Hlaing Bo Bo's playground has strongly stated that he will be playing Malayalam in the & # 39; last game.

"Vietnam, Thailand is the strongest teams in the area, so the traits show the true strength of Myanmar. In the last round, we will not play with the aim of & # 39 ; point earning, just 3 points and win, "said the 22-year-old park.

Thai Coach encourages "shared train" by Eriksson: In a pre-match news conference between Thailand and the Philippines (18:30 on 21/11) in Group B, the coach Milovan Rajevac has praised the most famous Sven Goran Eriksson. On the other hand, the 64-year-old is also confident about his knowledge when he added a banner with an old "captain" of England.

"Thailand is well prepared and ready to meet the problems." Eriksson is very talented, he and I are the coaches known and recognizes the importance of the upcoming game. A quarterly quarter of the World Cup Cup.

Vietnam - Myanmar 0-0: Quang Hai or Cong Phuong Best Stone?

Vietnam's star was voted as "Best Player on its Match".

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