Honda coaches leave & # 39; phone Cambodia to Vietnam matching?


VIDEO: Cambodia 3-1 Laos

In the last game of AAF Cup A-201 Group, Cambodia will meet Vietnam on the back of Hang Do at 19h30 on 24/11. However, it is a Honda team coach Melbourne Victory hosts Sydney FC in Round 5 A-League at 13:00 on November 25.

The time between the two games is too fast, and its # 39; choose a Japanese strategy policy to manage; Chamboisich go to Vietnam no playing around 5 A-League by Melbourne Victory.

Keisuke Honda needs the team Map Unlock (Open) When there were four games from the beginning of the season, the Chambo coach also won two goals. So, Surely Honda will not get the students to Hanoi, but it will come back Australia.

Honda agreed and a Cameron Football Championship that the Cambodian team coach led to play the AFF Cup in 2018 in two matches with Malaysia and Laos. This is two weeks Melbourne Victory agrees that Honda would leave vacations due to the time the national teams played in FIFA.

Although he can not be present at Dam Hang with Cambodia, Honda coach is still very encouraging in the students for this difficult trip. He stated that the entire Angkor team had its position; decision to influence Vietnam Phone.

"In the coming days we fight Vietnam, they are stronger than the other teams of the team, we are more technically, so we need to prepare for this game. A & # 39; decision to win.

My stress is good but I'm happy to address the weight. I've spent a lot of time with the team and I've done a game with Vietnam. You can see how well we are & # 39; play this weekend. "

On November 24th, a tournament between Malaysia and Myanmar will be held at 7:30 am on the Bukit Jalil Park. The game will be held at the same time, the Vietnam team hosting Chambodia on the Hang Do garden, Hanoi. ANTHAO247 is alive both of these games, ask readers to pay attention!

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