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Honda comes with an automatic transport alliance

Japanese buyer, Honda Motor, is on board a joint campaign with 2 other business giants to provide automated transport services.

Toyota and SoftBank established Monet Technologies last year.

Thursday, Monet said Honda will get more than 9 per cent of its shares. Truck manufacturer Hino Motors, the Toyota sub-group, will participate equally.

Monet plans to connect with around 100 local government over the next three years. The aim is to launch a mobile service as early as 2023 with fully developed electric vehicles being developed by Toyota.

Honda will be involved in the testing process, allowing Monet to use data from the company's vehicles.

Announcing the joint campaign plan, Toyota and Softbank said they aimed to improve movement services through the use of synthetic data and forecasts.

The aim of the campaign is also to build self-contained cars which can control everything from traveling to delivering food to providing food and hospital hospital services.

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