Honda PCX added a special new high quality scunners


Tuesday, February 12, 2019 10:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Existing new Matte Silver color presence helps Honda PCX to & # 39; look more delicious than other shades.

Stunning and beautifully beautiful design, which this new color also supports other color options such as Wonderful White, Brilliant Black and Majestic Matte Red. So, there are 4 color differences on Honda PCX.

Honda PCX introduced a new, specially advanced high quality scunners - 1

Honda PCX in the new Matte Silver Contemporary colors

Honda Marketing Officer in Indonesia, Thomas Wijaya, said the users are saying that Honda PCX is a? growing over time. This is what Honda promotes to continue to & # 39; offer the most recent options for those who enjoy high-quality lifestyle by going to & # 39; Using advanced motor gaps with advanced features that meet the client's aspirations. Honda expects new colors to meet the needs of users and that they are proud of those brand drivers.

Honda PCX introduced a new, specially special high-grade scunners - 2

Bright white choice

Honda PCX provides comfort comfort through the anti-lock brake feature (ABS) to support safe driving, with tubeless fires 100 / 80-14 face tires and a wide range / 120 -14.

Honda PCX has specially distinct new high quality scunners - 3

Deposit sites make a & # 39; The car looks very calm compared to other species

In terms of active features, the capacity of a large fuel tank and seats open button at this main screw attached to a key with them.

This model has a large capacity of 28.8 liters. Honda PCX is also fitted with a seats stop to hold the position of the seat so that it can not be closed when it is stored or stored; removing things. Honda PCX is equipped with renowned engineering technology (eSP) for cooling up and disrupting an efficient engine.

In addition to providing driver comfort, this model is also equipped with a mobile vessel, a water pipeline with 3 pistons.

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