Honda turned a monster to 24-inch wheels


Interestingly, Honda did not need to hang it up. He did not cut his car burns. Using the special appendix, the engineer built the wheels out.

Is it possible to drive a car with a 24-inch diameter and a 37 inches fire? There is, Bug Bmx He got a little snow while he was drive.

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To enable this, several improvements were needed. Essential – expand their axis heads to & # 39; car with lengths of 305 mm pipes. Specific climbing plates are welded to each end of the pipe. Indeed, before the test, the person was unsure that these improvements would last.

Earlier Bug Bmx they tested back. 12 placed a 24-inch roof instead of 12 on its face; push. Despite the great difference, the test participants were even able to show the tires.

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