Hong Kong flew to Ulyanovsk, she is ill


Compared to last week, ARVI increased by 30.4%. In just a week, 6844 cases were recorded, over four thousand of them were under the age of 14.

– Most cases of respiratory tumor diseases were recorded in Ulyanovsk, where there were 5,575 people; seek medical help. From November 19 to November 25, there were 97 patients with ARVI in the hospital in the department. One influenza A H3N2 (Hong Kong influenza) virus was found in one patient. I strongly recommend if her; The first indication of the disease is not self-cure and her; talk quickly to medical experts, – head of regional health program, Sergey Panchenko.

To prevent infection, experts who have a suggestion to & Avoid communication with people who have special symptoms of respiratory diseases, which handle hands perfectly with soap and water, and make wet cleaning, behaviors and internal shift.

– In our area, mosaic issues have already been recorded. In the regional hospital, at this time, 10 people are receiving a patient's treatment with a & # 39; this review. I strongly recommend if you have high fever and cough, talk to a doctor immediately. Do not cure yourself, do the drug crew on the advice of pharmacy, friends and neighbors staff. And we will also follow the doctor's recommendations, – a & # 39; refers to Irina Galushina, the head of the Ulyanovsk department leader of UOKB's pulmonology department.

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