Hong Kong: HANG SENG INDEX (.HSI) to slow down


Hong Kong: HANG SENG INDEX (.HSI) to slow down

"China wants a contract": Trump: President Donald Trump said he is hopeful to negotiate the US trade dispute with China after receiving a response to his requests from Beijing.

In Hong Kong, Hang Seng's index was 0.3 per cent at 26,183.53 on Friday, and up 2.3 per cent for the week. Hang Seng Jane's agenda raised 0.3 per cent on Friday, and was 1.5 per cent for the week.

Hang Seng's hard-hit table 2.8 per cent. The index was higher directed with a 6.4 percent profit in ZTE, which was captured in the Sino-SA trade conflicts. The stock was raised from local media reports, announcing its company, that a 5G phone will be launched in the first half of 2019.

The Shanghai Composite index ended 0.4% higher at 2679.11, which received 3.1 per cent for the week. The blueprint CSI300 indexes up 0.5 per cent, listing a weekly benefit of 2.8 per cent.

President Donald Trump said on Friday that China made a list of things he was willing to do to negotiate trade arrangements with the United States and his job could not be more successful, but he said he was still not accept the situation.

"China wants to make a contract. They listened to what they are willing to do, which was a big list, and I still do not enjoy it," Trump told the White House Reporters . He said the list of 142 was "pretty ready" but "there are four or five bigger things left". He said: "I think we'll get them too."

The US-China contract could continue to grow in the world: Veteran macro Veteran Scott Bessent says global growth could be donated if China agrees to trade trade with the United States and then to & # 39; stimulating its economy.

Nikkei Japan fell on Friday as a drop in stock related to half-owners after a US Slate designer Nvidia was supposed to have a " market with worst worsening expectations, and Nintendo also fell dramatically.

Nintendo has a gameplay, which uses Tegra Nvidia editor for Switch Consoles, 9.1 per cent. attacking its biggest daily downturn since July 2016. Traders said Nvidia's findings would worry about selling potentially weak.

Nintendo was in stock; trading by trade and closed at 31,860, the lowest closing rate since May 2017.

The Nikkei department average limiting 0.6 per cent lower at 21,680.34.

The Nikkei fell 2.6 per cent of the week, mainly hitting the decline in oil prices and weaknesses in Apple and other technology sectors.

Generally, prices tend to be: Downwards.

The main projected link is: 27,334.09.

The minimum priority is: 24,961.38.

The estimated closing price is: 26,147.73.


A white group met (because prices closed higher than they opened).
In the past 10 barriers, there have been 6 white candles and 4 candles for a net of white candles. In the last 50 bar, there are 22 white candles and 28 black candles on a net of black candles.

Evaluation indicators

It is a general term in Momentum that is & # 39; used to describe the pace with transferring prices over a certain period. Typically, changes in the targeted are likely to be & # 39; leading to changes in prices. This expert illustrates the current values ​​of four emerging expressions.


One method of interpreting the Stockcilist Oscillator is to search for places that n " overshadowed (above 80) and areas over (under 20). The Stockcilist Oscillator is 75.2906. It is not read over or over here. The last signal sold 7 pounds (s) ago.

Co-Strength Strength Index (RSI)

The RSI is overwhelming (over 70) and places above (below 30). The current value of the RSI is 53.63. This is not a high or base area. The creation of a mark is to be purchased or sold when the RSI moves out of a region that is over / over. It's the last 24-hour purchase mark (s) back.

Channel Channel Record (CCI)

The CCI looks too much over (above 100) and places above (below -100). CCI's current value is 60. This is not a loop or bottom range. The last signal sold 6 o'clock (s) ago.


The average mobile transitions / transitory signal (MACD) is giving signs when it is & # 39; crossing its 9 marks line. It's the last 11-day purchase mark (s) back.

Rex Takasugi – TD Profile

HANG SENG INDEX closed up to 80,899 at 26,183,529. The book was 25% lower than average (neutral) and Bandannan Bollinger was 6% more prevalent than usual.

Open High Low Close Volume___

Outlook Technical
Short term: Neutral
Intermediate Origin: Travel
Long-term: Bearish

Moving of midgies: 50-time 50-time 200-time
Close: 25,940.00 26,273.31 29.016.17
Abstinence: 23 29 24
Book: 1,605,425,152 1,969,467,520 2,074,027,264

Short-term trades should take a closer look at buying / selling vendors while intermediate / long-term traders should have more emphasis on their / Bullish or Bearish movement seen in the low ribbon.


HANG SENG INDEX is currently 9.8% lower than its average. 200-year-old movement and is in motion up. High flexibility is comparable to the average diversity over the last 10 times. Our complementary indicators show that there is a quantity of & # 39; flow in and out of .HSI at comparatively comparable distance (neutral). Providers who expose their & # 39; We currently have a move to support .HSI and this vision has been in place for the last 1 time.

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