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The research team found that many new viruses, including SARS-CoV in 2003, are the respiratory syndrome for the Middle East Symposium (MERS-CoV), and the pathogenic influenza virus (H7N9). all moving forward with high cells. Factorum and aggressive inflammation in the lungs cause deadly lungs. Among patients who die from SARS are avoiding the antibodies virus to exclude the antibodies that emerge from the body. Their antibodan density is higher.

To explore the place of antibodies, the team cleaned anti-S antibodies from plasma rowus monkey, and put the face of anti-S protein antibodies and antibodies in control of two groups of healthy monkeys through inner injuries, and then they passed a SARS coronvirus through the nose. They had found logged monkeys found and found that antibodies anti-S are causing much more serious damage to virus disease.

The research team then analyzed the person taking out any information in the lungs oil samples and the three SARS were dead, and they discovered that the dead had SARS. more support for antibodies in the early stages of disease, and the same antibodies of protein in the plasma rass, in the human antibody also prevents the macrophage repair function in vitro, in vitro. This leads to a dramatic increase in the production of gypsum / chemokines, causing severe lung damage.

The team said that there are many new viruses, including SARS coronavirus 2003, which have recently emerged as the 'coronavirus' coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and the pathogenic (H7N9) flu virus. deep swelling of chotokines high hemorrhagic acid and sunlight cause deadly lungs, but it is not clear that such a severe sore throat, and that the results of this search have brought a new perspective to SARS-CoV. or a lung condition from other virus media. Healing target.

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