Hong Ngob Doubt is a stubborn male: he founded a Health Council – a tropical test


Thursday, November 22, 18 08:07 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) The Vietnam Union is a Moving Display (VBA) and a # 39; trying to solve the problem of a youngest speech lecturer in Hong Ngoc. Do not take international games at women's doubles due to suspicion of "male women".

As far as the most attractive boxer lecturer, Hong Ngoc did not compete internationally at the women's events for saying that there were "male fighters", the Vietnam League of Conduct (VBA). to try to solve the problem, to & # 39; move on related evidence and documents. The 2018 Sports and Athletics Conference Organizing Committee has also set up a Doping Council to test and decide after the results.

It is a stubborn male in Hong Ng Dou Doubt: The Health Council's Establishment - A pilot test - 1

Hong Ngoc (the second from the right) with his family in 2013. Picture: Ca Linh

Although there is still no clear decision, on 19-11, the Organizing Committee of the National Training and Sport Festival has sent a letter to the producer of Can Tho, announcing Hong Ngoc athletes who are unable to ; competition in & # 39; transport. (boxing at the end of November). Obviously, this is very fast, it does not even go in; The VBA may be based on the World Box Society (AIBA) to ban this box for the 2018 Youth Olympics.

Social networks are over the next few days after their spouse; Finding information as "a person", "game", "AIBA", the 2017 AIBA Youth Youth Olympics, the Asian Asian 2018 Youth Olympics and the ban on international competition for women. However, in the AIBA bid to the VBA for this, none of the lines were taken to the medal. The AIBA website also contains no description of any control function related to female boxers in Vietnam.

The artistic tale "Hong Ngoc" male strip "causes Vietnam's shooting.

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