Hong Nhung in the singer in hospital after having been announcing the new love –


Thursday, November 22, 1818, 15:07 PM (GMT + 7)

The image of the female singer lying on the bed, green face causes people to worry.

After her husband, Kevin Gilmore, spoke about the fact that the third person was not married to Hong Nhung, the singer went into hospital immediately.

Miss Ha Kieu Department Anh Hong Nhung picture lying on bed. The front of the singer was gray, and his right hand was prepared with the doctor's equipment.

Hong Nhung is a singer in hospital after a man has been hospitalized to announce the new love - 1

Hong Nhung's singer was in hospital, his friend Ha Kieu Anh said

Ha Kieu Anh wrote on the page of the profile: "The black and white life is mixed, the thing goes to the throne, the vines to try …

I try to be up because everyone always has to do it; supporting her, and in particular there will be 2 small angels together with her mother B who mourns! Unfortunately, this weekend does not enjoy the planned program of Ms. Hong Nhung and Le Quyen.

As a friend close to Hong Nhung diva, Ha Kieu Anh knows the health situation "Bong sister". She also said: "Seeing the doctor, he said: She asked her sister to stop taking off, saying something, really down! I say he does not hear me even! "

Just under the notice, colleagues of Hong Nhung health colleagues asked, hoping the singer would come back quickly. Le Quyen divided: "Dear Bong … try to stay healthy married "South Westerly

Trương Ngọc Ánh Message: "Looking forward to good health Nhung"Vice-MC, Thanh Mai actor: "I wish you all good health"Afterward Hung Hung Designer near Hong Nhung for many years of message: "Always expect to be healthy and peaceful."

Hong Nhung in the singer in hospital after having been announcing the new love - 3

Hong Nhung and her husband, Kevin Gilmore, have their marriage lasting from 2011 to 2017

Her husband Hong Gilung, Kevin Gilmore, has officially written Facebook on fact that he has a "third".

He emphasized that the facts were unfortunate and stressed his & her; with a Burmese Tire woman who appeared after he broke up. He also said that the marriage ended between him and the singer Hong Nhung last year, not in June as the media was familiar.

Hong Nhung married her husband less than 3 years from 2011 but did not name the wedding in public. Despite "a young pilot", the singer is always shows the family's happy life with two couples.

In June of this year, Hong Nhung quickly described his divorce, but did not reveal the reason. Before the facts about "third", she did not speak too. The singer lives with two children in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City and focusing on a singing post after a divorce.

Separated information for the third, showed the old man, Hong Nhung, the fact about marriage with Diva

Hong Nhung put truth on truth about his marriage.

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