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Beijing gives the "car's" political idea? – DW (Chinese) – German Voice

Beijing gives the "car's" political idea? DW (Chinese) – German Voice

(Chinese Network of German Voices) Since the beginning of Taiwan's chief in Tsai Ing-wen, which is crucial to the mainland, Beijing has cut official cuts between the two sides. China believes that the island of Taiwan needs to be integrated as part of the Chinese country. However, in Taiwan, especially young people, Taiwan's identity is becoming stronger. These young people have been at the forefront of fighting Beijing for a number of years. It's the biggest move; on Sun Flower Movement, which took place in Taiwan Yuan Legislation in 2014. Sport is related to life, but life, because the starting salary of new Taiwan graduates is maintained at more less than 30,000 Taiwan dollars (about 1,000 US dollars) in the 1990's, prices on real estate and financing have risen as a whole, and now there are many young Taiwanese. People also start to & # 39; more effective planning for their roles. At the same time, analysts discovered that he was willing to attract young talents in Taiwan under the "earth power" spirit ground. Katherine Wang, 33, was previously appointed in Taipei Kindergarten. In May this year, she started a company that delivered a series of young women's courses in Xiamen. AFP told him that this was done due to the "crisis" of Taiwanese economy. "I saw a lump of hope in Xiamen. I am very happy to work there. I want to work with my partners here, and I hope to expand business to all aspects of China. " Ms Wang gets free from the Xiamen government. Provide housing and office space. This is an example of subsidies provided by Chinese regional governments. The subsidies also include generous hire capital money. Political comments on the other According to information from the Taiwan Business Office in the State of China, from the end of 2016, there are 53 overseas youth entrepreneurship centers and overseas youth showcase and entrepreneurial exhibition sites arranged in 1,200 Taiwan-funded businesses, and great lullaby …

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