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Create a new page for the Jersey! Both want to change the Wade shirt, send the letter directly, the electronic high resolution electronic (shadow) | NBA |

This is the last season of a David Wade's course: The Flash is the daily life of the livelihood after each game and many of the followers will also be there: Who will change the jumper with Wade. Yesterday, in the game with the Bucks, the heat lost 29 points, and Wade also left a "difficult problem" after the game.

After the Heat and Bucks game, brother letter Khris Middleton wants to swap Wade, this is my first time?

Wade is very quick and gave his brother the original sweater of the game, and Middleton got the spike in the cupboard room, which correctly broke the 尴尬 ". After the game, Wade said the three-person exchange player said: "This is an honor with respect. This is my last season. I want to make cool things and show respect." "

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From the picture of a three-person photograph, I saw the brother's brother, the three opposite each, the last brother and Middleton got a Wade jumper, and then Wade gave two other jumps, not the brother let the letters to Middleton beside me, I walked to the side, after all, in the Bucks Middleton I'm still high.

"It's a great moment for me. It's good to have the opportunity to chat with a great player. Thank you for everything he has played in the game. The play is where the Hall of Fame is; surely I'll be telling this story to my children in the future, "said his brother.

I was asked about myself and Middleton who found the game Wade used in the game. His brother smoked and he said, "I got the game, but I also asked Middleton if he wanted him. I didn't have time to reply. Then I put the jumper to Wade and wi. I asked him to sign it. "

Middleton, who found the game in the Wade locker, also showed Wade the respect in the interview. "It's a tiny thing, really. It is a model. Although we haven't had much communication between them, but I've already had a lot of exchange with the time t . "

After losing the deer, the heat fell to the eighth in East Division, and the deer were recorded in the first conference at the east end, and both sides meet in the first round of the playoffs. But for the heat, they no longer have the time to consider who is the first accurate challenger in the playoffs, they are now considering to make sure they are going into the playgrounds. playoffs, heating is currently low for only the ninth 0.5 0.5 which is well placed.

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