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"FFXV" Tian Yu Duan new company opened new work "Naidheachdan Pegasus Dream Tour"!

An earthquake SquareEnix, there were fewer representatives left, but before the previous year, the film "Final Fantasy XV" producer Tian Yuduan had already opened the company and had already opened it t open a JP Games company. The game "The Pegasus Dream Tour" will be launched.

"Pegasus Dream" tour is a game about the Paralympic Games and is officially confirmed. Tian Yiduan also revealed that the game is a mainstream sports game. The game is now involved in an RPG game, which will make the game more important. Do you have the special power and power of the ultimate power, to use super power to be fair? The game is detailed, and the delegates ask everyone to look forward to it. The game will be released in 2020. At the moment, several flats are left for release, and the elements are not strictly published.

If you want to count the number of RPGs developed by Mr Tian Duan Duan, we have a lot of jobs that are known and known. If you want to count the competitive sports games, you may have to race the horse racing game at the early stage of "GallOP Racer". I think everyone has concerns about RPG, but what about sport? It is looking forward very much.

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