Lu Li's event attracts attention. Another Taiwanese student is planning to get involved in the & # 39; Communist Party – Free Asian Radio Cantonese (RFA)

Lu Li's event attracts attention. Another Taiwanese student is planning to join the Communist Party. Radio Radio Àisia Radio (RFA)

After a Lu Li student at Shanghai Fudan, who was born in Taiwan, a Taiwanese support student at Peking University is also preparing for a bid to join the Communist Party. During the 19th National Congress, Lu Li became a Taiwan producer and disturbed the public. The Taiwan Land Business Council said that there are more than 169 Taiwanese who hold party and government on the mainland such as Lu Li. It is also said that Lu Li and her husband have been abolished from Taiwanese family registration. Some reporters pointed out that the doubt will undoubtedly attract Taiwanese people's attention in similar situations and give a rethink to their choices. (Report by Wen Yuqing) Taiwanese media said that Wang Yuqing, a Taiwanese student who worked for Ph.D. at Peking University, wants Lu Li to continue and was planning to bid to join the Communist Party after the two sessions next year. He said he will not go to the rich and wealthy party, and he does not sell Taiwan, but he hopes to talk for a cross-strait relationship. The Taiwan media said Lu Li was resolved to talk very much and that it was the unified service of his / her CCP; there. Lu Li, a student at Shanghai Fudan University, recently explained why she and her husband traveled in Shanghai when CCTV was interviewed. They grew even active in mainland politics and went to the Communist Party. Lu Li said: First, I'm not afraid of the mainland, because many people may now be scared. This kind of fear does not frighten "I'm afraid of you," but the unpleasant worries of my heart. I do not know how I will face overlapping relationships and the instructions. Participation in politics and thinking can be a sense of responsibility that allows me to be able to; feel more involved in society. Members of the parties can play my efforts better. When she went to the 19th National Congress, she was told by reporters that she would no longer thank Taiwan as a representative of a Chinese Communist Party. At that time, I answered in this question. I am think the logic is very funny. After that, it is 2017. I think we have all confidence and confidence to go to; Stopping in the ideology that is currently. I think we 're going to; Thanks to Taiwan and we can love the country. Today's affairs reporter, Yang Xianhong, said that Thai legal provisions are clear and believe that "…

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